Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 29, 2008

McCain Kicks Off Health Care Tour At Children’s Hospital That Supported SCHIP Expansion He Opposed


4 US soldiers killed; militants shell Green Zone. BAGHDAD — Bombardments by suspected militants killed four U.S. soldiers Monday as troops tried to push Shiite fighters farther from the U.S.-protected Green Zone and out of range of their rockets and mortars. At least 44 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq in April, making it the deadliest month for U.S. forces since September.

CBS: Revealed: Veteran suicide stats deliberately kept from public

Did US 'Photoshop' Syrian military pics? A photograph of a 'supposed' Syrian nuclear site may have been altered.

Let the history books show that the Democrats, and the tiny number of Republicans, who voted NO on giving authority to George W. Bush to wage war in Iraq (and virtually everywhere else) anytime he wished, in October of 2002, were right on every score.

Those who spoke out, and were publicly tarred and feathered, labeled as unpatriotic, left-wing fringe, out of step with the country, and generally loons for having done so --- folks like Feingold, Kennedy, Durbin, Waters, Lee, Kaptur, Kucinich, Wellstone, Woolsey, Waters, Conyers, Hinchey, and perhaps, most prophetically, according to Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue's the new documentary film, Body of War, Robert Byrd of West Virginia --- are all owed a great debt of thanks by every American, particularly those who had maligned them for having the temerity to be right back then.

'Body of War', Let the History Books Show...


Supreme Court Justice Anonin Scalia in CBS interview: "TORTURE IS NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL"!!!


Other news:

Stimulus rebates showing up in bank accounts. WASHINGTON — The government began depositing tax rebate checks in thousands of bank accounts on Monday as the stimulus program aimed at giving the ailing economy a jump-start got under way early. That's about 10 tanks of gas for your vehicle!

'Free Tibet' flags made in China


As the great voting rights advocate, Rush Limbaugh, trumpeted at the beginning of his radio show this morning, today's 6 to 3 Supreme Court ruling allowing new, modern restrictions regarding which citizens may or may not cast a vote at an American polling place on Election Day, is "a huge, huge, huge move forward to undercut Democrat efforts to commit voter fraud this fall."

Fortunately, instead of coming in June as expected, this decision on an Indiana Photo ID restriction case comes just in time to prevent massive voter fraud at the polls in Indiana's Democratic Primary two weeks from now, when millions of fraudulent Democratic voters were almost certainly plotting to try and show up to vote on electronic voting systems on which it's impossible to prove one way or another whether they did or didn't vote the way the machines will tell us they did. With voting systems like those in use across the Hoosier State, and elsewhere around the country, it's all the more reason to ensure those Democrats can't show up and commit the fraud they were probably planning to on May 6th!

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Voter Advocate Rush Limbaugh Applauds Supreme Court's 'Huge, Huge, Huge Move to Undercut Democrat Voter Fraud'. Polling Place Photo ID Restrictions in Indiana Upheld by SCOTUS in Courageous and Historic Dredd Scott-like Decision. By Why Stop at Keeping Black and Elderly Fraudsters from Stealing Elections?...


Henry Rollins was in the punk band "Black Flag", the "Henry Rollins Band", is a stand-up comedian, a body builder, and he has a great show on commercial-free Independent Film Channel (IFC) channel 131 on DISH television.



Kanjorski bill seeks to rein in big oil. WILKES-BARRE – U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski said it’s time for America to stand up to the big oil companies and shout out, “We’ve had enough.”

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