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Big Dan's Big News Apr 20, 2008

Leaked: ABC's Stephanopoulos interviews John McCain

Robert Greenwald's "The Real McCain Blog"

Robert Greenwald's "Brave New Films" website.


Mainstream Media Ignores Massive Campaign Finance Fraud by Hillary. While the mainstream media continues to focus on the Democratic presidential horse race between Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) and Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), an ongoing court case charging massive campaign finance fraud on the part of Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaign has largely been ignored by the corporate-owned press in the United States. So far, Mrs. Clinton has been shielded from charges that her Senate campaign in 2000 knowingly falsified Federal Election Commission (FEC) financial statements to hide over $1 million in illegal donations. Instead, Justice Department lawyers have converged on lower-level staff members, dragging them into court to testify regarding the accusations of fraud.

WILKES-BARRE – Bill Clinton Speaks at Wilkes University - President Bill Clinton said Saturday it’s crucial that supporters of his wife Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton talk to family, friends and even people they meet on the street and urge them to go to the polls Tuesday. Former president Bill Clinton speaks at the Marts Center at Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre. He stressed the importance of voting in the primary on Tuesday.


Bet you don't know about this!!! Nancy Pelosi getting stiff competition from Shirley Golub in the '08 primary!!! Golub claims Pelosi has shown "political cowardice" in standing up to Bush:

There is something truly phenomenal going on in San Francisco. A political novice by the name of Shirley Golub has the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, running scared, afraid that if she agrees to debate the challenger she will not be able to defend her record of capitulation, afraid the voters of the 8th congressional district will no longer make excuses for political cowardice . . . just afraid. And that's exactly the way Shirley Golub called it last week, when she called Nancy Pelosi out for being a political coward, using those exact words. Listen to the radio ad they are all talking about for yourself. (h/t "z" for zendetta)

Pelosi Plans $178 Billion Blank Check for Iraq

Other News They're Not Telling You! The corporate media won't touch REAL ID/NATIONAL ID, the Trans Texas Corridor, or the IRS with a 10-foot pole!!! You don't care, though, right???

See my previous post about the Trans Texas Corridor...or the NAFTA Superhighway...

RON PAUL WANTS IRS DEAD! Candidate tells crowds at Tax Day rally the money we earn should be our own

More States Join In Battle to Stop National ID Card. A Pennsylvania legislative committee’s hearing on March 13 about the so-called Real ID Act was packed with people—most of whom oppose this federal legislation to create a national identification system by nationalizing a new form of state-issued drivers licenses and loading them with sensitive personal information.

Congress Must Act Decisively To Stop Police State ‘REAL ID’

TEXANS UNITING FOR REFORM and Freedom (TURF) marched up
Congress Avenue and held a big rally on the capitol steps in Austin April 5, short circuiting an apparent underhanded effort to suppress grassroots turnout against the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC).

Senators Accuse Homeland Security Of Bullying States on National ID

Saddam’s Exile Deal Could Have Saved $6 Trillion. Iraqi leader offered to go to Egypt for a paltry $1 billion; Bush should have accepted Hussein’s plan.

The Hidden Battle to Control the World's Food Supply

Economist Fears Historic Loss of Assets for Minorities. Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace: A warning that the current economic downturn could lead to the greatest loss of assets for communities of color that's ever happened.
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