Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 11, 2008

We're not continuing to bleed America dry financially continuing a War of LIES for 6 years...we're "halting troop withdrawals"!!!

US President George W. Bush on Thursday ordered an indefinite halt to US troop withdrawals from Iraq come July, warning that the strife-torn country remains too fragile five years after Baghdad fell.

Democrats: Bush is entrenching next president in Iraq on purpose; "setting up" the next president...

(The Intelligence Daily) -- Nearly all of the $516 billion allocated by Congress to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has come in the form of emergency spending requests, a method the White House has abused, depriving Congress the ability to scrutinize how the Pentagon spends money in the so-called global war on terror. The use of emergency supplemental bills to fund the wars has likely resulted in the waste of billions of taxpayer dollars, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office.

Republicans BOO anti-war Democrat at her swearing-in ceremony…THOSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD SEND THEIR KIDS TO THE FRONT LINES OF IRAQ!!!!!!!!!


Did anyone notice, in this extensive Los Angeles Times article about China beginning to compete with India for our American CEO's to further ruin America by outsourceing our jobs, it doesn't mention how much these Chinese & Indian outsourcing firms are paying their workers and how American companies are subverting our minimum wage and labor laws by outsourcing??? Don't you think that is really important to mention in this article???

China marches into outsourcing


Other News:

Lawyers group wants 'torture memo' author fired from Berkeley law school

Veterans Affairs refuses to provide voter registration for wounded vets

WASHINGTON — A new U.N. Human Rights Council official assigned to monitor Israel is calling for an official commission to study the role neoconservatives may have played in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

Justice Department Increasingly Avoiding Corporate Prosecutions

The Justice Department has put off prosecuting more than fifty companies suspected of wrongdoing over the last three years. The decline in prosecutions is seen as a deliberate and dramatic shift in policy. While the news reported in a front-page article in the New York Times surprised many, the Justice Department’s use of so called “deferred prosecution agreements” is nothing new. Back in 2005, a report released by the Corporate Crime Reporter profiled dozens of these cases and warned against their use. We speak with Russell Mokhiber, editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter.

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