Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 8, 2008

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Two "conservative" presidents out of our entire 43 presidents since the existence of the United States of America, account for 70% of all government's national debt of over $9 trillion dollars: "conservative" George W. Bush accounts for over 50% of it, and throw in "conservative" Ronald Reagan and that brings the total to 70%!!! Bush, I guess, blames "the terrorists", which means "terrorism" beat "conservatism"???

Doonesbury this morning spits out some numbers that are truly appalling in relation to what conservative government brings to the table. If these figures are indeed fact, the picture they paint only points to one conclusion. They let the money out in the form of easy credit, then they take it back by manipulating the economy with the useful little tools they call WAR, Terrorism, Nation Building, and Foreclosure.


"The Surge" isn't working! WHO are the only ones saying it's working? Buschco, McCain, and Republicans shills with uniforms on (Petraus):

Hundreds Flee Fight in Shiite Stronghold; 3 more Americans die.


US jobless figures: The specter of a new depression. Friday’s Labor Department report, revealing that US payrolls were cut by 80,000 jobs in March and that 232,000 jobs have been lost in the past three months, can only mean new levels of social misery and raises the specter of a severe economic slump, perhaps the deepest since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The March decline in jobs is the largest in five years. The number of private sector jobs has dropped by 300,000 since November 2007. Millions of Americans face the prospect of a sharp decline in living standards and conditions of life. Because of their commitment to the profit system, no section of the US political establishment—neither the Bush administration and the McCain campaign nor the Clinton and Obama camps—is capable of proposing any measures that will materially assist those seeing their jobs, homes nor social benefits disappear or devastated by the present developments.


On Hardball, conservative gay pundit Andrew Sullivan says members of Bush administration should be indicted for war crimes:


Hungry FDA official Orders Massive Pot Pie Recall:

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