Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is This The REAL Corbett We're Now Seeing?

Most presidential primaries are over by the time it gets to Pennsylvania. For the first time anyone can remember, the Pa. primary has some significance, albeit not very much. Barack Obama has the Democratic nomination all but wrapped up mathematically.

But ever since it was apparent that the race wouldn't be officially over by the time it hit Pa., WILK's Steve Corbett show has turned into some kind of "bizarre" anti-Obama campaign. Late last week, Corbett was on the "Obama smokes" kick and I predicted here in Big Dan's Big News April 6 (between the picture of Richard Connor and the Obama girl) that this week Steve's topic would be, "Obama Hates Farmers", because I caught an article in the local papers about his "good chum" Hugh Rodham, Hillary's brother, speaking to farmers.

But even I couldn't have predicted that this week his show would be, "Obama is against the troops"...by association with Senator Casey. Local Dallas, Pa. soldier Lt. Michael J. Cleary lost his life in Iraq on Dec. 20,2005. Today, Corbett was saying something to the effect that Senator Casey "blew off" giving the Cleary family Michael's medals in order to campaign with or for Obama. Corbett hates the fact that Casey endorsed Obama. He was on that rampage about 2 weeks ago.

WILK's news briefs always seem to echo what Steve's smearing about, too, like last week's anti-Obama non-story about Obama not hiring union help to setup his appearances in NEPA. Whatever happened to that story, Steve? Oh, that one didn't work for you, so this week it's using the Cleary family!

One caller called in and said, "The Cleary family is away, and I don't think they know you're invading their privacy like this." Steve kept putting that person on hold, out of character for the pre-anti-Obama Corbett.

Although Corbett said this wasn't anything "anti-Obama", that is was between Senator Casey and the Cleary family, he later contradicted himself and said, "You can't separate this from Obama, because Casey endorsed Obama."

Unless there's more to it than appears, I can't believe the Cleary family would appreciate Corbett dragging their son's name all over the airwaves today for his anti-Obama campaign. And I just can't believe Senator Casey would do something like that, without communication with the Cleary family. Of course, Steve would like everyone to believe that he was defending the Cleary family, but I'll believe that if I hear it directly from the Cleary family...not Steve Corbett.

If I were in either the Obama or the Casey camp, my advice would be to continue ignoring Steve Corbett...you're smart, I think you know that. My wife and I used to love Steve Corbett's show, until it turned into a 4-hour anti-Obama campaign. Now we hardly listen to it anymore. Last week I turned it on for exactly 1 minute, and he was talking about Obama smoking. This is a big Democratic area, and he's turning off those of us who don't want to witness his anti-Obama and anti-Casey propaganda. We don't want to see Democrats against Democrats, our goal is to get a Democratic president in 2008. Steve used to be able to get his points across without alienating listeners. It's one thing to be pulling for either Hillary or Obama, but it's another thing to act like you're part of their campaign. Get used to the idea of the new Steve Corbett putting you on hold or cutting you off, if you have a difference of opinion.

The "Straw Man Argument", used by propagandists. "A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position...."(read on, click here)

By the way, Michael's mom is a member of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), and bravo to you Mama Cleary! I really admire you for that!

Biggest union guy in the country backs Obama...
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