Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Black Woman Not Given Provisional Ballot At Ward 16, Wilkes-Barre City

According to elections official Walter Griffith (right), who was working the polls at Ward 16 in Wilkes-Barre City, he witnessed a black woman come in to vote. She was told she wasn't registered to vote and wasn't in the books. This woman then said that she definitely filed the registration paperwork that was needed.

Walter Griffith then called voter services for permission to give this woman a provisional ballot, and voter services told Walter not to give her a provisional ballot. Walter said that he witnessed this happening in the ward adjacent to him, too.

He said the procedure is to get permission from Luzerne County Bureau of Elections to give provisional ballots to people who need them so they can vote, and then the courts can decide later if they are in fact eligible. But, permission for this woman was denied for a provisional ballot by Luzerne County Bureau of Elections.
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