Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 13, 2008

I got it all wrong with my poll in the upper right corner! WILK's Steve Corbett's show next week is going to be, "Obama's Elitist Words"! GODDAMMIT! It's getting so I can't anticipate these things!

In the media, so far we've had: Obama's pastor, Obama smokes, Obama's a union-buster, Sen. Casey didn't give the Cleary family their son's medals, and now we have "Obama's Elitist Words"...what's next??? Is it obvious to you, that the media doesn't want Barack Obama to win???

Never mind that Obama is the only one of the 3 candidates that voted against telecom immunity, voted against the pro-corporate/anti-little guy bankruptcy bill, voted for banning torture, and was against the Iraq War from the beginning! Oh! "Obama's Elitist Words" is what's important now! The media is "building their case" for you against Obama! And it's not going to stop, either! What's next? Obama blew up the World Trade Center???

The crappy Times Leader runs this this "front page news"???:

‘Elitist’ words put Obama under fire

...and this, on page 2:

Locals dispute Obama remark

The reality-based Citizen's Voice ran an article on their front page, which factually stated that neither Democrat, Obama nor Hillary, can make huge gains in Pennsylvania because it's not a "winner take all"...THEREFORE, Hillary is really out of it...and they're not telling you that!!! (I can't find a link to this article, but it's on their front page).

Don't forget, Al Gore invented the internet! Remember THAT in 2000??? It's obvious that the media will continue to attack Barack Obama, if they're running headlines about "Obama's Elitist Words"...that is really clutching at straws...instead of, "McCain dumped his first wife (the mother of his three children) after she was disfigured and disabled by a near-fatal car accident in order to marry a rich beer heiress"!

...OR...Bill Clinton's Ties To Colombia Trade Deal Stronger Than Even Penn's

This upcoming week's coordinated "anti-Obama buzzword" is: "ELITIST"!!! You can play the "shot-drinking" game to it this week...but you might get rushed to the emergency room with alcohol-poisoning!!!


In news that SHOULD BE front page news:

19th GI killed this week in bloodiest week this year for U.S. troops it WASN'T a "few bad apple" soldiers after all! So the Bush administration lied to us again! And AGAIN, nothing will happen to them!

ABC News: Top Bush Advisors Approved TORTURE!

And the sad fact is, the media mandarins are right. American society has become so degenerate that the majority of people -- and the entirety of the American Establishment -- will now countenance torture, as long as they can convince themselves it is used only against "the bad guys." At one time, the leaders of this nation condemned and punished the torture even of proven Nazis, on the principle that we must uphold our own humanity, and not descend to the brutish level of the most degraded among us.

But no more. We are the degraded now, ruled by brutes: by deliberate torturers, military aggressors and mass murderers who walk the streets freely, live in wealth and comfort, receive public honors, and will never face justice, never have to answer for their crimes against humanity. If this were not so, these evil counsellors and their leader would already be subjected to the workings of the law: impeachment proceedings, criminal investigations, arrest, trial. The fact that they are not is yet another crime -- a crime in which the entire political establishment is deeply complicit.


Bill Maher's "New Rules": The Catholic church is the Bear Sterns of underage sexual abuse:

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