Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 16, 2008

Reality of the People vs. "media spin"

Presidential contender Barack Obama has wiped out his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's yawning lead in Indiana and trails by just five points in Pennsylvania, according to a new poll Tuesday. Ahead of the crunch Pennsylvania primary next Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll suggested that Obama has not suffered overly from his description of working-class voters as "bitter." The poll gave the former first lady a lead over Obama of 46 percent to 41 in Pennsylvania, down from double-digit margins in earlier polls, and also had her losing in both Indiana and North Carolina, which both vote next on May 6.

PA poll: 'Bitter' flap hasn't changed Obama's numbers

Daily Show's Jon Stewart: "ELITE means GREAT! Not only do I want an ELITE person to be president, I want someone who is EMBARRASSINGLY SUPERIOR to me!!!"

"Elitist" Michelle Obama, who grew up poor!


In first visit to America, Pope Benedict XVI sports "Fonz-like" pompador…to distract reporters from Catholic Church sex scandal questions.

Bill Maher's "New Rules": The Catholic church is the Bear Sterns of underage sexual abuse:


How Republicans Quietly Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections. The GOP may have committed massive vote fraud in plain sight by encouraging widespread voter purges and restricting registration campaigns. (The following is an excerpted chapter by Steve Rosenfeld from the new book "Loser Take All," edited by Mark Crispin Miller (Ig Publishing, 2008).


GOP Congressman: Private Voting Companies Who Fail 'Should be Fired'. Rep. Vern Ehlers Steps Briefly Off the Reservation at Recent Congressional Hearing, as Election Integrity Advocates Condemn the Privatization and Outsourcing of America's Electoral System. VoterAction's John Bonifaz Testifies: 'Growing Influence by Private Companies in How We Conduct Elections Puts Democracy at Serious Risk'...

The NJ/Sequoia Voting System Mess Unraveled and Reraveled. The State Misleads, Some Counties Change Their Mind, as Sequoia Officials Remain Willing to Say or Do Anything Necessary to Deceive the Public in Hopes of Saving Their Company...

Voting safeguards measure fails in House


Did you notice that we have a new DAILY gas/oil record? Gas will be $4 by June!!!

Georgia Republican instructs House on proper Pledge of Allegiance technique



News of the weird: Black Republican sited in NEPA!

...but he's thinking of leaving the GOP!

GOP "Fun Fact": There are ZERO black Republicans in Congress
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