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Big Dan's Big News Apr 23, 2008

Hillary: "Some counted me out and said to drop out. But the American people don't quit. And they deserve a president who doesn't quit, either."

bd: Who are the people who have Obama ahead of you by 100 delegates, even AFTER the Pa. primary...the Zimbabwaens??? The American people deserve a president who gets the most votes from them, not a loser who doesn't know when to quit!

From NBC's Mark Murray and NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan
In a conference call with reporters this morning, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe argued that Clinton's win in Pennsylvania yesterday doesn't change the current trajectory of the race:
-- Obama leads among pledged delegates, and Clinton will have to win about 70% of the remaining ones to overtake Obama on this measure.
-- to get within 100 pledged delegates of Obama, Clinton will have to win 57% of the remaining ones
-- and when looking at the total delegate score (pledged delegates and superdelegates), Obama is about 300 away from clinching the nomination; Clinton, according to NBC's count, is more than 430 delegates away.

"We don't believe the structure of the race is going to change fundamentally," he said. "She does need to win out here and win by some margin."

Hillary wins Pennsylvania 55%-45% (Times Leader)

Hillary wins Pennsylvania 55%-45% (Citizen's Voice)


For better or worse — and many Democrats fear it is for worse — the race goes on. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Senator Barack Obama in Pennsylvania on Tuesday by enough of a margin to continue a battle that Democrats increasingly believe is undermining their effort to unify the party and prepare for the general election against Senator John McCain.

bd: Actually, I posted this NYTimes BULLSHIT article, just to show you FALSE "talking points" put out in the corporate media (YES! NYTimes is not "liberal"!). The race going on only HELPS the Democratic Party. It causes more interest and record registrations across the board from state to state the more it goes on. This is corporate media BULLSHIT! McCain is the LOSER in all of this! No matter WHO wins in the Democratic Party! BEWARE! Just because it's in the NYTimes, don't just believe the corporate media FALSE TALKING POINTS!

MORE corporate media FALSE "talking points":

"The longer this goes on, the more it hurts the Democratic Party" (BULLSHIT!)

"Hillary's still in it"

"The tide is turning"

"Was race a factor?" (whenever Obama loses)

"Obama can't 'seal the deal'" (WHO is ahead??? Idiots!!! So, it's better to be behind? Somehow?)

"If Hillary wins big states over Obama, that means McCain will, too!" (Do you follow THAT logic??? SOMEHOW...if Hillary beats Obama in big states, McCain will too! What if Obama beats McCain in big states? THAT'S what's going to happen!)

The corporate media is against Obama, and in the presidential election, will be against Obama when he faces McCain. They put these "talking points" in the corporate media, and loop them over and over and over, and others in the media "parrot" these talking points like the parrots that they are. But, think for yourself...WHO is saying this? It's just parrots in the corporate media!

Obama camp charging voting problems in PA


Today's new daily gas record!

Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.529 $3.721 $3.885 $4.441
Yesterday $3.502 $3.692 $3.855 $4.444
Month Ago $3.241 $3.417 $3.568 $4.258
Year Ago $2.816 $2.968 $3.099 $2.931

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.529 4/23/2008
Dsl. $4.444 4/22/2008

Gas prices continue their ascent. Local gas prices inched over another historic benchmark Tuesday as crude oil flirted with an eye-popping, wallet-crunching high of its own. A gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton metro area averaged $3.50, diesel fuel posted another record high at $4.44 and oil peaked within a dime of $120 per barrel. The trio of all-time highs, which came one day after the national gas average topped $3.50, were pushed by the strengthening global demand for fossil fuels and the weak dollar. Oil is traded in dollars and investors use it as a hedge against the greenback, which has devalued during the domestic credit crises and corresponding interest rate cuts. “We see no relief in sight,” said Catherine Rossi of AAA Mid-Atlantic.


Other important news:

Suspicions grow that drugs were used in detainee interrogations

New radio ads are running in districts of several Democratic members of Congress, as well as Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, targeting the lawmakers for their opposition to a White House-backed surveillance bill. The ads play on national security fears in an attempt to spur these lawmakers to give in to the administration's demands.

Euro breaks through $1.60 as dollar slumps to record low

Bush keeps staunchly defending NAFTA!!!!!!!!!

Former Justice official pleads guilty in Abramoff probe; faces prison!
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