Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 15, 2008, Tax Day & Big Dan's Birthday!

Hey! This wasn't on corporate-controlled ANBCBSNNX today!!!

Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

War Tax Resistance: How a Portland Couple Have Refused to Pay Taxes for Over 30 Years to Protest Military Funding

Today is April 15th, Tax Day, a day when tens of millions of Americans scramble to file their income taxes on time. It’s also a day when people across the country are planning to protest the use of tax dollars to fund war. A recent study shows that more than 40 percent of every income tax dollar in 2007 went towards military spending. We speak with Pat and John Schwiebert, a Portland couple who have refused to pay their taxes for the past thirty years to protest military spending.

Pat Schwiebert, war tax resister for over thirty years. She is a registered nurse and has started a group for parents who have lost their children. The Oregonian has described her as “one of the nation’s premier experts on grief and infant loss.”

John Schwiebert, war tax resister for over thirty years. He is recently retired after more than four decades as a United Methodist minister.

"A recent study by the National Priorities Project shows more than 40 percent of every income tax dollar in 2007 went towards military spending. The largest share of that was for the war in Iraq, which has been estimated to cost taxpayers $12 billion per month. The total amount allocated for the Iraq war through fiscal year 2008 is more than $520 billion."

DN! transcript or DN! video


ABC News: Bill caught lying for Hillary…again...

Union audience boos as Clinton criticizes Obama

Obama Would Win Michigan, Clinton Would Not

The Democratic National Committee is keeping up its offensive against John McCain and his campaign finance record, releasing a memo Monday accusing the GOP candidate of potentially breaking the law daily in his attempts to free himself of public financing obligations.

Army Times: McCain…again…confused over the the wars and Petraeus' role in the wars...In the hearings last week, Petraeus himself said he has nothing to do with the decision of moving troops to Afghanistan, but when asked, McCain says, "It's up to Petraeus"!!! (bd: "Old Man Alzheimers" confused again!!! THIS IS SCAREY!!! Does anyone care??? See video below...)


The President of the United States has openly, proudly admitted that he approved the use of interrogation methods that are by every measure -- including the measure of United States law -- criminal acts of torture. It is one of the most brazen and scandalous confessions of wrongdoing ever uttered by an American leader -- and it has had no impact whatsoever. No scandal, no outcry, no protest, no prosecution.


The little blog that did. For four years, Bradblog.com has reported on voting machine problems. If the mass media ever did its job, Brad Friedman could go back to his former life, the one before 2004 when election scandals became his full-time vocation...

Has anyone notice? DAILY…we have a new record high for gas & oil??? Does anyone care about this???


BlueBear's Music Vault : "Big Dan helped me with this post about the rock group Badfinger...so, therefore, it's the greatest post ever on my music blog!!!" (bd: I made that up...but I DID help him with this Badfinger post, the one and only time my services were required by the BlueBear on his fabulous music vault! If you love music, stop by The Vault, BB2 puts a in a great effort into this highly enjoyable music-only site. Just click "start" on one of his videos, and it keeps playing and playing and playing...)
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