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Big Dan's Big News Apr 25, 2008

Exclusive: PA's Primary Results Website Listed Obama Three Times, With Three Differing Totals on Election Night
Oddity, Which Applied Only to Obama, Never Occurred Before, Remains Unexplained, But 'Didn't Make a Difference' in Final Results, According to State Official Who Confirmed the Anomaly...Early on election night last Tuesday, with just 18.07% of the unofficial returns from the Pennsylvania Primary in, astute BRAD BLOG reader Matt Sircely (who was aware enough to save off the HTML page locally!) noticed the following oddity on the official Dept. of State website results page...

Click here for the full large picture. Note the three different sets of bars and percentages representing Obama's tally. The problem did not occur for any other candidate, as seen on the full web page, which was noticed early in the evening, and saved locally by the alert reader. Whatever the problem, it was eventually corrected by officials. Today, Sircely called the PA Dept. of State to try and get an explanation of what caused the problem seen above (audio from call is posted at the end of the previous link article)...

Hillary Clinton: The Luckiest Woman in the World! The 9.2% Pa. Victory was rounded upwards by the media to give her the "10% margin of victory she needed to stay in the race"!!!


From "Mr. Video's Blog" BlueBear:

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Scalia On Bush v. Gore: Get Over It! Supreme Court Justice Tells 60 Minutes It’s Nonsense To Say The Decision Was Politically Motivated

Scalia to Plug Book on '60 Minutes'


Other news:


McCain Wraps Up Poverty Tour With Speech At ‘Business Awards’ Banquet. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is currently on his “Forgotten America” tour, talking about the need to address the places “ignored for long years by the sins of indifference and injustice.” The Washington Post writes, “In effect, McCain is launching Version 2.0 of Bush’s ‘compassionate conservative’ campaign.” Today, McCain is speaking in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. But tonight, he will travel to upstate Louisiana to Baton Rouge and return to the wealthiest Americans as the “guest speaker” at the 25th annual Business Awards and Hall Of Fame banquet. reports:

McCain falsely claims he ‘never voted for a single earmark or pork barrel project.’

Gallup poll: Record high 63 percent say U.S. made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq.



bd: I guess these 90 absentee ballots bothered these people so much, with all the stuff going on with the election and other things, they had the time to fight counting these 90 ballots! This seems awfully strange to me! A lot of time put in by a lot of make sure 90 absentee ballots that came in BEFORE the election were not counted! Am I missing something here? These 90 ballots really bothered these people!!! Didn't they???

"Fighting to make sure your vote doesn't count"

Absentee extension to be tossed

Spirit stronger than ever! Activist died this week, but his son said his father’s influence strong, especially among those he helped. (bd: THIS guy was GREAT!)


Oh! I forgot to post the DAILY gas record! Better late than never!


Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.571 $3.764 $3.931 $4.442
Yesterday $3.545 $3.738 $3.903 $4.442
Month Ago $3.237 $3.412 $3.563 $4.251
Year Ago $2.807 $2.960 $3.090 $2.924

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.571 4/25/2008
Dsl. $4.444 4/22/2008
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