Thursday, April 3, 2008

Real Celebrex Commercial

I was half asleep, and this commercial was playing. I thought it was one of those funny Saturday Night Live commercials, then I realized it was a real commercial! It's one big, long disclaimer with soothing music playing in the background...while they're telling you that you may die taking Celebrex! I was hysterically laughing by the time it was finished!

I swear to god! In one spot, it says, "May Cause Death"!!! What the hell does Celebrex do, anyway? Are these guys serious??? What ever Celebrex "fixes", I'd rather have the problem it fixes! YIKES!!! Maybe as you'er DYING from Celebrex...the music of the commercial will relax you... Then if you sue them for killing you, they'll say, "Didn't you see our scarey commercial warning you? You can't sue us!"

"But that wasn't scarey! There was happy music 'n people riding a bike 'n golfing...'n stuff!!!"

This definitley gets the award for the all-time funniest commercial!

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