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Big Dan's Big News Apr 2, 2008

Latest Poll: Obama Closes Pennsylvania Gap To 47%-42% (bd: It is OVER!!! b/c it's not "winner take all"; Obama just had to keep it close...)

The "Comeback Kid" won on Super Tuesday II !!! She's right back in it !!! WHOOPS !!!

Remember when the corporate media told us that Hillary won Texas? Well, she didn't! Obama officially won Texas...where's all the retractions? I guess they "MIS-SPOKE!"

Clinton backer: Obama will win

Hillary compares herself to "Rocky"…hey! Rocky is from Philadelphia! And Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania! Wow! What a coincidence!

Hillary & Obama were in Wilkes-Barre yesterday:

They’ve been making their way around the state. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Harrisburg. • And, on Tuesday, they met in Wilkes-Barre.

wilkes-barre counts. The distance separating Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama has for months been measured in delegates, superdelegates, states and arbitrary ticks along the political spectrum.

…and so was rightwing troll Robert Novak


Other News:

The Bush administration plans to use its authority to bypass more than 30 laws and regulations in an effort to finish building 670 miles of fence along the southwest U.S. border by the end of this year, federal officials said Tuesday. Invoking the legal waivers — which Congress authorized — would cut through bureaucratic red tape and sidestep environmental laws that currently stand in the way of the Homeland Security Department building 267 miles of fencing in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, according to officials familiar with the plan.

The Permanent Republican Majority, Part IV: How corporate-GOP interests sought to topple Democrats in Mississippi; The US Attorney who wasn't fired: How Bush pick helped prosecute top Democrat-backed judge

The Bush administration announced Tuesday it will require states to report high school graduation rates in a uniform way instead of using a variety of methods that critics say are often based on unreliable information. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings announced the change at a news conference at which a report was released showing that 17 of the nation's 50 largest cities had high school graduation rates lower than 50 percent.

On the eve of a House vote on controversial wiretapping legislation last month, the nation's intelligence director, J. Michael McConnell, convened a secret weekend meeting in northern Virginia with members of the House Intelligence Committee. The two-day session was designed to promote a calmer atmosphere for discussing an array of intelligence issues, including the nation's eavesdropping laws. But participants said the event ended with a series of acrimonious exchanges. Democrats accused McConnell of making exaggerated claims and of doing the bidding of the Bush administration, according to officials who attended the event. McConnell bristled at the Democrats' charges, and chastised members of the committee for failing to defend the intelligence community amid a barrage of bad press.


What? What did Mukasey just say?

Mukasey hints US had attack warning before 9/11

...caught by blogger Glenn Greenwald...


Bless O' Potamia: "It's All Good!". The Daily Show uncovers that Bush says "the Surge" is good when violence id DOWN...and "the Surge" is good when violence is UP !!! So, "It's All Good!" Don't they know we have videos ???


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275!

If you have DISH or DirecTV, you could be watching the REAL news!

Take a look at these 3 in-depth stories on Democracy NOW! today, now THIS is REAL news, real IMPORTANT news!

1. After Adverse Publicity, Wal-Mart Drops $400,000 Healthcare Claim Against Former Employee Disabled in Traffic Accident

After tremendous adverse publicity, retail giant Wal-Mart has announced it is dropping its effort to collect over $400,000 in healthcare reimbursement from Debbie Shank, a former employee. Debbie lost much of her memory and ability to communicate or walk in a car crash in May 2000. Her family successfully sued the trucking company involved, and after attorneys’ fees and expenses, the $417,000 from the settlement was put in a trust for Debbie’s care. That’s when Wal-Mart stepped in and sued the Shanks to recover the medical costs. Wal-Mart won the case in court. The story generated a public outcry after it was recently featured on several national news networks and newspaper editorials. We speak with Debbie’s husband, Jim Shank.

AMY GOODMAN: It was a terrible thing. In May of 2000, Debbie Shank was driving home when she made a U-turn on Highway 177 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri and got broadsided by a semi truck. She suffered a brain injury that took her memory and left her with very little ability to move or communicate. She has lived in a nursing home ever since. Debbie’s medical bills were covered by a health insurance program at Wal-Mart, where she had worked nights stocking shelves.

Debbie’s family later successfully sued the trucking company whose driver was involved in the accident. After attorneys’ fees and expenses, the $417,000 from the settlement was put in a trust for Debbie’s care. That’s when Wal-Mart stepped in and sued the Shanks to recover the medical costs. Wal-Mart won the case in court. Last summer, the family appealed the ruling, but Wal-Mart won. One week later, their eighteen-year-old son, Jeremy, was killed in Iraq while serving in the Army.

Refusing to give up, the family appealed to the Supreme Court. But last month, the high court said it would not hear the case. The family’s financial situation became so dire that last year Debbie’s husband, Jim, divorced her, so she could receive more money from Medicaid.

Debbie’s case generated a public outcry after it was recently featured on several national news networks and in newspaper editorials. Then, yesterday afternoon, Wal-Mart announced it had reversed its decision and said it no longer will seek the money. In a statement, Wal-Mart said, “We have decided to modify our plan to allow us more discretion for individual cases, and are in the final stages of working out the details. Wal-Mart will not seek any reimbursement for the money already spent on Ms. Shank’s care, and we will work with the family to ensure the remaining amounts in the trust can be used for her ongoing care. We are sorry for any additional stress this has put on the Shank family.”

DN! transcript or DN! video

2. Oil Execs Asked to Justify Huge Profits at Congressional Hearing

The executives of the five biggest oil companies–Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, ConocoPhilips, and Chevron–were called to testify at a Congressional hearing on Tuesday. Lawmakers took them to task for making enormous profits but investing next to nothing in renewable sources of energy. They were also called to justify why they got $18 billion in tax breaks last year when their profits had hit $123 billion and oil prices had reached runaway highs. We speak with Steve Kretzmann of Oil Change International.

DN! transcript or DN! video

3. Record Number of Food Stamp Recipients Projected

Government officials are projecting the number of Americans receiving food stamps will reach a record 28 million later this year. Over the past year, more than forty states saw the number of food stamp recipients rise. A ten percent jump in food stamp recipients was recorded in six states: Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota and Rhode Island. In West Virginia, one in six residents now receive food stamps. We speak with Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center.

DN! transcript or DN! video

The first 10 minutes of Democracy NOW! is all you need to watch every day for all the important news, here's what it looks like every day:

● ’03 Justice Dept. Memo Said Military Interrogators Could Ignore Law
● Admin to Waive Environmental Laws for Mexico Border Wall
● Senate to Introduce Foreclosure Assistance Bill
● Business Donors Favoring Democrats over Republicans
● McCain Economic Advisers Under Scrutiny
● Britain Delays Troop Withdrawal from Iraq
● Iraqi Civilian Deaths Rise 31%
● Pakistani Minister Calls for End to US Air Strikes
● Embassy Bombing Widow Calls for Trial of Gitmo Prisoner in Civilian Court
● “Fossil Fools Day” Protests Target Coal-Linked Banks
● Police Shooting Survivor Describes Sean Bell’s Last Moments

Are these stories on corporate controlled ANBCBSNNX today?

DN! transcript or DN! video
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