Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tim Grier Drops His Appeal Of The DCED's Decision

Hello everyone,

As of this morning, I have contacted Attorney Cowger and asked that he file the appropriate paperwork to withdraw my appeal of the DCED's decision.

May reasoning is as follows:

First and foremost, the efforts by Commissioner Skrepenak, Mr. Moses and others to discredit or defame me with their disparaging remarks is more than I and my family should have to endure. While they have clearly shown a penchant for abusing the system we entrusted them to protect, I have only attempted to hold them accountable, something they obviously are unused to and unwilling to accept. Their comments about me and my actions have only served to confuse the community and damage my reputation - an interesting tactic considering the recent notorious behavior of Commissioner Skrepenak and his associates at the courthouse.

Second, other than my attorney, I have absolutely no faith in the Pennsylvania courts or its officers. Pennsylvania courts, from Luzerne County to Harrisburg, have a history of making political decisions on behalf of those in power rather than just decisions on behalf of those whose grievances are legitimate.

Additionally, this effort to right some egregious wrongs has taken away from my time to study and also be with my family. While I can't get back the time that I have spent on this effort to stop the wanton and wasteful spending, I can certainly budget my time better in the future to ensure future success.

I have always said that I try to act not just in my own best interests, but also with the best interests of the community in mind as well. That is exactly how I approached this matter from the beginning, and it is how I approach it today. It is important though that I maintain a proper balance. Continuing this fight while so many in the community, through their silence, have made it clear they do not support it would not, in my opinion, be the right thing to do. Thousands have spoken up in support of my actions, but hundreds of thousands have said and done nothing. I interpret the silence of the majority to mean that they were fine with the current state of affairs. I have no doubt that by withdrawing this appeal Luzerne County will quickly return to such a state, and that a new PR consultant will let us all know what a fabulous state it is.

Tim Grier
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