Sunday, March 9, 2008

The False Story of Republicans Switching Party Registration To Nominate A More "Beatable" Democrat

Another false story in the media, started by the Republican Noise Machine in the media (like Rush Limbaugh), is that Republican voters are switching their registration to Democrat so they can vote for Obama, who will then be more "beatable" by John "Bush Full Lager" McCain. This false story is also being pimped by the local Times Leader owner Richard Conner, in his "editorials".

If you remember correctly, the original false story was the opposite, that Republicans were switching registration to vote for Hillary, because SHE'S more "beatable" than Obama...

Take a look at these numbers in Luzerne County NEPA in this story by the Citizen's Voice:

● 845 NEW (not "switched") Democratic registered voters since Feb. 5 Super Tuesday
● 318 NEW (not "switched") Republican registered voters since Feb. 5 Super Tuesday

Rush Limbaugh, Richard Conner, etc...that says NEW, not SWITCHED!


"Most voter registration forms recently distributed by the county bureau of elections have gone to Obama campaigners, many of whom are college students".


How many people are switching from Republican to Democrat...BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS JUST PLAIN OLE' STINK??? The Republicans ran America into the ground when they controlled the whole federal government from 2000->2006, and now they are stopping legislation such as SCHIP health care for children, voting against banning torture, voting for telecom immunity for spying on us, and a host of OTHER unAmerican things! The economy is crashing due to REPUBLICAN POLICY!!!

John McCain is getting a free pass from the media on this!!! "McCain Torture Endorsement Lost Amid Media Sex Scandal Frenzy. The media missed a damning story that has actual implications for American democracy".
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