Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bush Announced "Another Defining Moment" in the Iraq War

6 years into the Iraq War, Bush says we're having another "defining moment" know, like "Mission Accomplished", the Battle of Fallujah, the Iraqi's walking around with ink on their thumbs (bullshit picture on right, how much do you think they paid her? THAT was several years ago, too!!!), etc...etc...

Apparently, we're fighting "the Battle of Basra" and ""the Battle of Baghdad"" (?). The "Battle of Basra", Bush said, is a "defining moment" in the latest cut off his new CD: "Best of Bush: Defining Moments".

Bush Says Iraq Has Reached ‘Defining Moment’

● (bd: Unbelievable video!) Bush: ‘Troops Are Coming Out’ (And Staying) Because ‘We’re Successful’

3 by Chris Floyd:

Yesterday we saw the complete unravelling of the lie that the assault on Basra is strictly an all-Iraqi operation, with the Baghdad government imposing its authority on "criminal gangs" in the port city.

The current esclation of the Iraqi civil war -- first in Basra and now all across the occupied land -- seems to be a perfect dovetailing of the complementary but not identical strategic needs of the Bush Administration and its client government in Baghdad. The regime of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is hoping to destroy or cripple -- or outlaw -- its principal political rival in the south before elections later this year. The Bush regime -- which is intimately involved in every step of the Basra operations, despite its rote denials -- is trying to keep the war boiling on a high simmer. This is the only option it has left to achieve its primary war aim: a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq.

From the very beginning, the brutality, ruin and deceit of the American aggression in Iraq has been compounded by an unshakeable ignorance. This deadly cloud of unknowing has enveloped the entire chain of command, from the witless president who didn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam to the troops on the ground who believed – as they were no doubt drilled to believe – that the invasion was "payback for 9/11," a righteous war of self-defense against a terrorist nation that had attacked America.

How come they're not showing all these battles and air attacks like they did when the "War of LIES" began with "Shock & Awe" below? Because that's when they were selling us the war like an infomercial! The Pentagon/media/Bush administration were "in bed/embed" with each other pushing the Iraq War LIES on us! Now there's no coverage of the almost daily bombings!

What was it? Weapons of MASS DECEPTION!!!

...and victory was proclaimed! In words! Both written and spoken!

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