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Big Dan's Big News Mar 21, 2008

The video below provides bits of the backstory for our discovery of a potentially devastating method of rigging MAIL IN VOTES, AUDITS and RECOUNTS. What you will see in THESE videos is the backstory that helped us figure out the mechanics of how a massive ballot-tampering operation could be accomplished with just a few key people.

Jim March, John Brakey and Michael Shelby have pulled a coup in Arizona. They have studied and reported on the presidential primary election in the largest county in that state, Maricopa, with 56% of the AZ vote. The report they've published sets new ground in how to monitor the security and sanity of an election. THERE ARE THREE REASONS TO READ THIS REPORT.....

Sequoia Voting Systems’ Claims About Third Party Reviews and Testing of Its Election Equipment – Their Misleading Half-Truths vs. The Facts

Pennsylvania's Online Voter Registration Data Found Vulnerable. Private Information Left Online, Available to All...

Here's what someone who steals elections thinks of the American people. Cheney says, "So?" when told that 2/3 of Americans are against the Iraq War. Therefore, Cheney does not represent Americans and doesn't care, either...:



Somebody doesn't want Obama to beat Hillary! Obama's passport files breached at State Dept. The State Department Thursday fired two contract employees and suspended a third because they snooped into Sen. Barack Obama's passport files. The Department confirmed the firings today but admitted the repeated breaches of Obama's files occurred in January of this year. There was no immediate explanation for the delay in action or announcement of the action.

Hillary's Ties to Religious Fundamentalists. Election 2008: When it comes to unsavory religious affiliations, Hillary Clinton is a lot more vulnerable than Barack Obama.

Should telecommunication companies receive retroactive immunity for their role in helping the government eavesdrop on American phone calls and e-mails? As Congress and President Bush duel over the answer to that question, NOW on PBS interviews a whistleblower with exclusive insight into the role played by one of those companies.

3 governors hold out on federal ID law

White House Press Secretary Perino: Americans' say in Iraq war ended in 2004

IRAQ WAR COSTS CENSORED. Pentagon removes $3 trillion price tag for war from web site after exposure

Military veterans to deliver citizen arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney. Backed by family members and supporters all across the nation, U.S. military veterans will serve citizen arrest warrants for George Bush and Dick Cheney tomorrow in Washington, D.C. The warrants are "for multiple violations of the Constitution and international war crimes," according to a statement issued by Veterans for Peace, a national organization of men and women who served in wars and military conflicts beginning with the Spanish Civil War in 1936 through the present war in Iraq.

We've all seen a blizzard of articles noting the five-year anniversary of the act of aggression launched against Iraq at the order of George W. Bush. There have been great slag-heaps of mendacity among these commemorations -- none more foul than the stinking torrent of lies that poured forth through the blood-flecked teeth of Bush himself on Wednesday -- but also some excellent analyses of the true situation in Iraq in this fifth year of hell.

One picture tells the whole story. It's a photo of five grim looking men in gray suits staring ahead blankly like they were in the dock with Saddam awaiting sentencing. Every one of them looks downcast and dejected; shoulders rounded and jaws set. This is what desperation looks like, which is why the photo was kept off the front pages of the leading newspapers. The group took no questions and, as far as the media was concerned, the meeting never happened. But it did happen; and it happened on Monday at the White House at 2PM. That's when President Bush convened the Working Group on Financial Markets, also known as the Plunge Protection Team, to explain their strategy for dealing with deteriorating conditions in the financial markets. The details of the meeting remain unknown, but judging by the sudden (and irrational) recovery in the stock market on Tuesday; their plan must have succeeded. The Plunge Protection Team is a panel that includes Fed Chairman Ben Bernankee, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox, and acting Commodity Futures Trading Commission head Walter Lukken.

Keith Olbermann: Bear-Stearns-Gate

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