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Big Dan's Big News Mar. 24, 2007

(Above: George W. Bush "Mission Accomplished" festivities years ago..."We're gonna 'smoke 'em out'" 'n git Bin Laden 'dead 'r alive', BRING IT ON!!!")

Iraq War, costing us 3 TRILLION dollars, hits another grim mark: 4,000 dead American soldiers (according to the Bush administration, so you know it's a lot higher than that). You know what Bush, Cheney, & McCain call visits to countries where they are not safe? "Surprise/unannounced" visits!

(On right, George W. Bush dances with wife Laura Bush.)

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000. Grim milestone reached when IED kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

Attention Richard L. Connor & "dittoheads" everywhere! Rockets hit Green Zone in Iraq. BAGHDAD: The heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad came under attack Sunday, and the police said up to nine people had been killed by rockets falling outside the government and diplomatic compound.The attack, one of the fiercest and most sustained onslaughts on the zone in the past year, ushered in a day of violence that claimed the lives of nearly 50 people around the country. The attacks underscored the fragility of security in Iraq, despite a decline in violence over the past year.

Fierce Attack on Green Zone as Violence Erupts in Iraq. BAGHDAD — As many as 20 mortar shells were fired Sunday at the heavily fortified Green Zone, one of the fiercest and most sustained attacks on the area in the last year.The shelling sent thick plumes of dark gray smoke over central Baghdad and ignited a spectacular fire on the banks of the Tigris River. It ushered in a day of violence that claimed the lives of four American soldiers and at least 58 lraqis around the country.

On left, George W. Bush with his successor John McCain, who will carry out Bush's agenda for a 3rd term after the stolen 2008 "election".

Saddam’s Exile Deal Could Have Saved $6 Trillion. Iraqi leader offered to go to Egypt for a paltry $1 billion; Bush should have accepted Hussein’s plan

A roadside bomb killed three American soldiers north of Baghdad on Saturday, pushing the U.S. death toll in the five-year conflict to nearly 4,000. Also Saturday, Iraqi authorities reported that a U.S. airstrike north of the capital killed six members of a U.S.-backed Sunni group - straining relations with America's new allies in the fight against al-Qaida. Two Iraqi civilians also died in the roadside bombing
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