Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joe Kennedy's "Evil" Heating Oil Help Program

(Above: Joe Kennedy; One of the "good guys" in a not-so-good world.........)

I was asking a friend of mine, who is low income and disabled, how he is coping with skyrocketting heating oil prices. I told him, that less than a month ago I paid $2.99 for my heating oil, and today I called a local company for another 100 gallons, and they wanted $3.62/gallon. Yes, you heard that right! In less that a month, it went from $2.99 to $3.62! So, I paid $299 for 100 gallons less than a month ago, and now they want $362!!!

My friend said that the CEO, which runs the LIHEAP program for helping low income and/or disabled people with their heating bills, ran out of money. But there is a new program that has reached Pennsylvania, Citizen's Energy. I looked up Citizen's Energy on the internet, and it's run out of Massachusetts by Joe Kennedy (son of Robert F. Kennedy, godson of John F. Kennedy, and nephew of Ted Kennedy), in conjunction with CITGO, that "evil dictator" Hugo Chavez's oil company! Take a look at Joe Kennedy's Citizen's Energy site (click here) and see how "evil" the Kennedy's are!

Then I thought, BOY! THAT really isn't being reported on! Is it? My friend gets a voucher for 150 gallons of heating oil from Citizen's Energy, but the normal CEO/LIHEAP gives cash (not "gallons" vouchers). I asked my friend when he received this help, if it was within the last month when my heating oil went up from $2.99/gallon to $3.62/gallon, and he said that in fact, it was within this last month.

Now I have this question: Is anyone looking into the fact that heating oil in Pa. has risen astronomically, exactly when Citizen's Energy started giving out 150 gallon heating oil vouchers? That is called "gouging", and it is gouging the money from a program that is helping low income and disabled people! If this is on purpose, the beauty of it for the heating oil companies, is that the Citizen's Energy vouchers are in GALLONS and not CASH, so the needy get their 150 gallons of heating oil, so the heating oil companies can charge a thousand dollars a gallon, and would anyone be the wiser?

WHO is looking into whether the heating oil companies purposely raised their heating oil from $2.99 to $3.62, knowing Citizen's Energy is picking up the tab? To me, it seems that heating oil has risen way out of proportion to gasoline prices, right when these vouchers came out...SOME COINCIDENCE, HUH???

Yes, I did a little "prying" into my friend's situation, but since the newspapers and TV aren't doing this, I thought I would tell you about it.

I'm sure, Rush Limbaugh and rightwing talk radio, would say, "Joe Kennedy is giving aid and comfort to the enemy".....

Joe Kennedy on $100 Oil and His Deal with Hugo Chávez (click here)
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