Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Mar 6, 2008

● Exclusive: Former Republican Governor Says New Mexico State Officials Investigating Rep. Heather Wilson Vote-Buying Charges; Says Republican U.S. Congresswoman 'Shrugged' at Allegations When Confronted With Them. News Director of Albuquerque's KKOB Offers New Reason for Spiking Stories; Anchorwoman Who Resigned in Protest Dismisses New Excuse, Says Powerful Station Buckled Under Pressure from Wilson's Campaign. BRAD BLOG Obtains Scripts of Original Spiked Radio Reports....

● KKOB Radio News Anchor Laura MacCallum Quits After Station Pulls Stories About Alleged Republican Vote-Buying Efforts. Ex-anchor Says Station Caved to Pressure From Heather Wilson’s Senate Campaign. Station Says Story Had No Legs

● If you recall, Republican Heather Wilson was involved in the DOJ scandal firing of U.S. attorney David Iglesias (the movie "A Few Good Men" was about him) who refused to bring phony voter fraud charges for her against opponents before the election. also involving now disappeared phony voter rights group ACVR, headed by Republican operative Thor Hearne.



● Explosion at recruiting station in Times Square

● Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents' Behavior

● The Bush administration says the 2002 congressional authorization to go to war in Iraq gives it the authority to conduct combat operations in Iraq and negotiate far-reaching agreements with the current Iraqi government without consulting Congress. The Bush administration also feels it does not need to seek the authorization of Congress to ratify two pending agreements with Iraq.

● The FBI acknowledged Wednesday it improperly accessed Americans' telephone records, credit reports and Internet traffic in 2006, the fourth straight year of privacy abuses resulting from investigations aimed at tracking terrorists and spies. The breach occurred before the FBI enacted broad new reforms in March 2007 to prevent future lapses, FBI Director Robert Mueller said. And it was caused, in part, by banks, telecommunication companies and other private businesses giving the FBI more personal client data than was requested.

● Troop depression on rise in Afghanistan

● Both Obama And Clinton Hold Edge Over McCain


"GET BENT, NEPA!!!!!!!!"

● Clinton postpones NEPA visit

● The Clinton-Lieberman Connection. Confusion and misinformation are two of the most powerful weapons in a desperate politician's arsenal. They were used by Joe Lieberman in the 2006 general election against Ned Lamont, and exit polls suggest that they helped Hillary Clinton blast her way through yesterday's primary in Ohio.


Steven Colbert: John McCain has hundreds of years of experience!!!


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

FCC Launches Probe of Alabama TV Station Accused of Censoring a 60 Minutes Expose on the GOP’s Prosecution of Alabama’s Imprisoned Former Gov. Don Siegelman

Last month, 60 Minutes exposed new details on how Karl Rove and the Bush administration may have unjustly targeted Siegelman for political reasons. However, viewers of CBS affiliate WHNT in northern Alabama saw nothing but a black screen during most of the segment. We speak to Scott Horton about the case and his new article in Harper’s, “Vote Machine: How the Republicans Hacked the Justice Department.”

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