Monday, March 3, 2008

How Much Are Stamps?

I recently bought something that had a rebate, and I realized I didn't know how much stamps are. I haven't "snail-mailed" anything for a very VERY long time! I pay my bills on the internet, and I have no reason to send a letter to anyone.

If you don't know the price of a stamp, try finding it out! Short of walking into an actual post office and asking them. On a Sunday night, I don't want to be trying to find out how much a stamp is!

I found the tons of stamps we have, and I realized that we have many increments of stamp prices...PLUS I have no idea how much a current stamp is! I found tons of 1 cent, 3 cent, 37 cent, every increment you can think of.

BUT...the MOST stamps we had, were the type shown in the picture in this post. Notice something? THEY DON'T HAVE A PRICE ON THEM! We have an ENTIRE ROLL of these stamps! Maybe I'll take a vacation day from work, and figure this out...or stop buying things with rebates.......

I've come to this conclusion: you can't buy stamps anymore!
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