Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Mar 27, 2008

Corporate media: Don't pick on kindly old man McCain!!! Just because he missed 56% of his Senate votes since Jan 2007!!! He had a tough schedule!!! (no one else did, only McCain). McCain missed more votes than everyone, except Senator Johnson, who was recovering from a brain hemorrhage!!!

MSNBC debate: If McCain had showed up to Senate more, would he have avoided economy 'flip flop'?

"Liberal" NYTimes bends over backwards to "apologize" for McCain missing 56% of Senate votes since Jan 2007. They say he had "protracted nominating campaign" (even though he has it locked up and Hillary/Obama don't!!!) and then point out that he missed only 30% of the Senate votes before that! Thanks for apologizing for John McCain, NYTimes!!!

McCain Claims Federal Government Shouldn’t ‘Reward’ Irresponsible Banks — Except Bear Stearns



Not being pointed out in the media: Obama only candidate who disclosed his tax returns!

White House Destroyed Computer Hard Drives. Remember when an 18½ minute gap in an audio tape was enough to bring down a President? Those were the days. But that was then, this is now...

This is Who Sequoia Voting Systems Has Chosen to Test Their Machines Instead of Princeton. Meet Mike Gibbons of 'Kwaidan Consulting': Seeking 'Well Endowed Blonde Nymphomaniacs'...Or 'Jesus Christ, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein,' Depending on Whose Paying...

Mike Gravel switches to Libertarian Party



I have not heard ANYONE ask Meuser or Hackett, how would they vote on: SCHIP, telecom immunity, banning torture, doctors & pharmacists being able to refuse to prescribe contraceptions, or bailing out people losing their homes in the mortgage crisis!

(bd: Just yesterday in BDBN, I said that Republicans are starting to talk about "revamping" (ruining) Social Security, and the very next day we have, at a Republican debate: ) Social Security a hot topic at second Meuser-Hackett debate (Maybe Republicans can do to social security, what they did to the economy, the Iraq War, Katrina, the mortgage crisis, etc...!!!)

(bd: Let's start throwing people in jail for not knowing English!) Judge orders four to learn English or go to jail


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

In New Book, Chilean Ambassador to the UN Details Bush Admin’s Pre-War Efforts to Coerce Allies into Supporting Iraq Invasion

Heraldo Munoz, the Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations, has revealed new details of how the United States bullied and threatened other countries to support the Iraq war. Munoz has written an account of the period, A Solitary War: A Diplomat’s Chronicle of the Iraq War and Its Lessons.

AMBASSADOR HERALDO MUÑOZ: Yes, I was minister in the cabinet of President Ricardo Lagos at the time, but I was very much in touch with the debate, because, among other things, I got phone calls from Washington, lobbying the position to use force against Saddam Hussein. In fact, I say in the book that Condoleezza Rice called me, and we had a half-an-hour phone call where she tried to argue in favor of a resolution that would have authorized the use of force in Iraq, invade Iraq with the support of the Security Council. And I argued against, thinking that this was going to have tremendous consequences on the global level, on neighbors of Iraq, internally in terms of the contradictions that we knew that existed already, and in the world economy.

And she answered that in the end, bottom line, the United States was going to go in Iraq with or without the United Nations. And that was very clear to me, that there was a decision to invade Iraq, even though some of the countries, friendly countries, allies of the United States, had honest differences and opposed the use of force outside the Security Council and without meeting certain conditions, benchmarks, to find out if there was indeed a cache of weapons of mass destruction, as was the argument of the United States. We didn’t know. We had to give time to the UN inspectors to find out whether that was the case or not, so we insisted, coinciding with the United States, that any weapons of mass destruction in the hands of an unreliable regime is a danger, but you have to make sure that is the case.

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