Sunday, March 9, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Mar 9, 2008

(The crashing economy.)

● The hurricane that began with subprime mortgages, has swept through the credit markets wreaking havoc on municipal bonds, hedge funds, complex structured investments, and agency debt (Fannie Mae). Now the first gusts from the Force-5 gale are touching down in the real economy where the damage is expected to be widespread. The Labor Department reported on Friday that US employers cut 63,000 jobs in February, the biggest monthly decline in five years. The cut in payrolls added to the 22,000 jobs that were lost in January. 52,000 jobs were cut in manufacturing, while 331,000 have been lost in construction since September 2006.

● Consumer credit increased by $6.9 billion to $2.52 trillion, the Fed said today in Washington. In December, credit gained $3.7 billion, less than a previously reported increase of $4.5 billion. The figures don't include borrowing secured by real estate, such as home-equity loans.

● International experts foresee collapse of U.S. economy

● New 'super-spike' might mean $200 a barrel oil. Goldman's projections foretell persistent turbulence in energy prices

● Wall Street banks are facing a "systemic margin call" that may deplete banks of $325 billion of capital due to deteriorating subprime U.S. mortgages, JPMorgan Chase & Co , said in a report late on Friday.

● Economy crashing, but privatized prison industry booming in profits! (thank you Ronald Reagan!)


Voting/Election News:

● 'REPUBLICAN' Flashes on Diebold Screens in Illinois Special Election to Replace Hastert. ...and Other Quick Election Integrity Items of Note...UPDATE: Dem Wins Hastert's Seat, Time to Impound Those Machines! (...and other voting articles from Brad Blog...)

● Election Fraud Against Obama In Ohio: More Comes Out

● Democrats reporting irregularities in 14th District voting machines

● Foster takes Hastert seat from GOP

● POWs, families, former members of Congress criticize McCain for stymying POW/MIA investigation

● PBS Bill Moyer's Investigates McCain & whacko religious nut Reverend Hagee's endorsement of McCain.

● Consensus Nears For Mail-In Revote In Florida


● Hillary stops in NEPA today!

Hillary 3am video parody:


Other News:

● Drugs Found In Watersheds Of 28 Areas. AP Investigation Details Pharmaceuticals Found In Watersheds Of 28 Major Metro Areas

● Penn, Sheehan, Gonzalez to Address March 16th Peace Vigil in San Francisco

● Israeli Occupation exposes Palestinian Women to harassement and abuse

● Peace and sustainability are the cornerstones of humanity’s survival in the 21st century. The major challenges facing humanity today are global – climate change, accessible fresh water, ever decreasing bio-diversity and over population. Problems that call for global solutions and these solutions will require co-operation on a global scale unparalleled in history. Peace is the essential prerequisite, for, without peace, how can the major nations of the world co-operate to solve these issues? The Global Peace Index is a ground-breaking milestone in the study of peace.

● Increasingly there are indications that the uses of wireless technologies have been developed to target an individual’s biological body, with specific focus upon the neuronal functioning of the brain. In this paper I examine how some of these uses have had detrimental effects, and what this implies for both present and upcoming developments for particular wireless/sensor technologies. I consider whether this is not shifting dangerously towards a psycho–civilised society, where greater emphasis is placed upon social control and pre–emptive strategies.

REPUBLICAN State Rep. from Oklahoma's hate-filled anti-gay speech:

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