Tuesday, March 4, 2008

General Wallace: "I wasn't talking about that guy who threw a puppy off a cliff."

".............I wasn't talking about that guy..."

General Wallace said he wasn't talking about that marine who threw a puppy off a cliff, when he said on Monday March 3, that lowering the troop level requirements has not affected the quality of troops.

Reporter: General Wallace, just yesterday in an "Army Times" interview, you said that lowering the troop level requirements hasn't affected the quality of the troops, then on the same day, there's a video of a marine and his buddy, laughing and throwing a puppy off of a cliff.

General Wallace: Yeah, I wasn't talking about that guy. Did you know thousands of puppies get killed on highways each year? And you don't report THAT, do you? They were just blowing off some steam...

Reporter: Did you know that the amount of soldiers with high school diplomas has dropped to the lowest levels in 25 years since you lowered standards?

General Wallace: Well, statistics like that go up and down, up and down...it's just down right now, and it happens to be a coincidence that it coincides with the drop in recruitment requirements.

Reporter: According to a Rand report, “high-quality” recruits perform better on the battlefield and complete their missions more often. Can you talk about that report?

General Wallace: I can tell you one thing, a "Rand report" can't fight terrorists!

Reporter: Some experts are saying, that the Iraq War is wrecking our army...

General Wallace: You know who's wrecking the army? You people in the liberal media are wrecking the army! You hate the troops! You're trying to make us lose the war by reporting things! You want the terrorist to win, don't you?

Reporter: But that wasn't us. It was a video floating around the internet...

General Wallace: (General Wallace points behind the reporter...) What's that? LOOK OUT! (...General Wallace runs out of room when distracted reporter turns around...)

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