Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Mar 13, 2008

● Obama savors Mississippi Democratic primary win

● Upon further review, Hillary did NOT have a landslide victory on Super Tuesday II, and did NOT win Texas! Why did the corporate media first tell us all that?

● Clinton's foreign experience is more limited than she says. Sen. Hillary Clinton claims her experience in dealing with foreign affairs qualifies her to be commander in chief. Sen. Barack Obama's campaign accuses Clinton of exaggerating her foreign affairs experience. No question is more central just now to their rivalry for the Democratic presidential nomination.



● New Mexico's Corporate Media Covers Up the Coverage of GOP/Heather Wilson 'Vote Buying' Scandal. A Week After it Broke, the Albuquerque Journal Reports and Buries the Laura MacCallum Story, Demonstrating Again Why the Blogosphere is so Crucial...

● U.S. soldiers at a military base in Iraq were provided with treated but untested wastewater for nearly two years by KBR, the giant government contractor, and may have suffered health problems as a result, according to a report released yesterday by the Pentagon's inspector general.

Attention DITTOHEADS: Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida

● Admiral William "Fox" Fallon, the U.S. Centcom commander who has spoken up several times at Congressional hearings and to the press the past year to suggest a military confrontation with Iran would be ill advised, has resigned, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has just announced.

● Countdown’s Bushed!: Total Deafness, Totally Disgusting Water and Totally Revisionist Neo-Con History

The Bush Debt: $7.7 Trillion: Today, lawmakers took to the Senate floor and blasted President Bush’s wasteful spending. To fully illustrate the impact, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), brought up a chart showing the budget plans of President Clinton versus the budget formulated by Bush. He concluded that by squandering Clinton’s government surplus, Bush has cost the country $7.7 trillion

● Blue America PAC against FISA Retroactive Immunity: Targeting Bush Dogs

● The Fall of the American Consumer. We have been the world's designated shoppers, and, if we fall down on the job, we take the global economy with us.

● The Truth About Aging Boomers' Effect on Our Economy. It's true that as boomers retire, they will consume more and produce less. But gloomy projections about them bankrupting us are deeply flawed.

● …the professor and, Mary Ann…Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island" busted for pot!
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