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Big Dan's Big News Mar 24, 2008

(click on picture to see individual 4,000 dead soldiers)

Above: mosaic of Bush & McCain (McBush), made from the images of 4,000 dead American soldiers. In remembrance of the 4,000 brave men and women who sacrificed everything for us -- and the two men who would continue this great tragedy, despite the cost to our soldiers, our military, and our nation. John McCain is Bush's handpicked successor for a 3rd Bush term, to keep this madness going!

After a week of being told how the situation has "improved" in Iraq --- with a compliant corporate media, as usual, all too willing to continue their five year service as Bush Administration propagandists at large --- "all hell broke lose" on Sunday as the 6th year of our War on Iraq commenced, at least 60 died in attacks on the Green Zone and elsewhere around the country and the 4,000th U.S. troop was killed for reasons that remain unknown.

97 percent of US death toll came after 'Mission Accomplished'

Pentagon report finds no evidence of Saddam attempt to assassinate Bush

Cheney on the 4,000 lost: "They volunteered!" (bd: Hey, DICK! We didn't volunteer out TAX MONEY for this!)

Cheney On 4,000 Troop Deaths In Iraq: ‘The President Carries The Biggest Burden, Obviously’

U.S. military ministry of propaganda AGAIN tries to blame Iran for something, blame Iran for recent Green Zone attacks...instead of saying Iraq's not safe!


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

Body of War: New Doc Tells the Story of a Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran Coming to Terms with Disability and Speaking Out Against War

As the US occupation of Iraq enters its sixth year, we take a look at a new documentary that captures the struggles of one of the tens of thousands of US troops injured in the war. Body of War is directed by filmmaker Ellen Spiro and veteran broadcaster Phil Donahue. The film tells the story of Iraq war veteran Tomas Young. On April 4, 2004, his fifth day in Iraq, Young’s unit came under fire in Baghdad. He was left paralyzed, never to walk again. Released from medical care three months later, Young returned home to become an active member in Iraq Veterans Against the War. We play excerpts of Body of War and speak with Tomas Young and with filmmakers Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro.

DN! transcript or DN! video

Paralyzed Iraq Vet Responds to Cheney: “We Didn’t Volunteer Where You Sent Us to Go”

In an interview on ABC News, Vice President Dick Cheney was also asked about the 4,000 soldiers killed in Iraq. “We are fortunate to have a group of men and women, the all-volunteer force, who voluntarily put on the uniform and go in harm’s way for the rest of us,” Cheney said. In response, Tomas Young, an Iraq war veteran who was paralyzed after being shot in Baghdad said, "Many of us volunteered with patriotic feelings in our hearts only to see them subverted and bastardized by the administration and sent into the wrong country. Yes, we volunteered but we did not volunteer were you sent us to go.”

DN! transcript or DN! video
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