Monday, March 3, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Mar 3, 2008

● Going to Jail for Being a Democrat: How Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Got Roved. By Paul Craig Roberts, CounterPunch. Rights and Liberties: Once a popular governor of Alabama, Siegelman was framed in a crooked trial and sent to prison by the corrupt Bush administration.


● PBS' 'Bill Moyers Journal' Dares to Mention (and Mispronounce) the Name of Sibel Edmonds. Offers U.S. Journalists a Pass for Not Reporting the FBI Whistleblower's Allegations of the Black Market Sale of Nuclear Secrets by High-Ranking U.S. Officials. 'Nearly Impossible to Look Into Her Claims,' Says Reporter Who Didn't Bother...

● Web Exclusive: Rick Karr on Government Secrecy. Are whistleblowers and muckrakers facing insurmountable odds? Correspondent Rick Karr takes stock of the cases of THE NEW YORK TIMES' James Risen and former FBI agent Sibel Edmonds.

● PBS Bill Moyers: You may not know James Risen's name, but you probably know his work: He's one of the NEW YORK TIMES reporters who broke the story of the Bush administration listening in to phone calls and reading email, without search warrants. That story infuriated some conservatives. A popular blog accused Risen and his co-author of treason for revealing sensitive information, and pundit William Bennett said the reporters deserved jail time.



● 300 Iraq/Afghanistan U.S. Vets to testify about underreported war atrocities from March 13 to 16th.

● Bush admin seems more interested in bailing out Wall Street than the actual people losing their homes.

● A total of 107 people have been killed since Wednesday. Among these have been up to 60 civilians, including women and children, provoking an outcry from Palestinians and fellow Arabs and condemnation at the United Nations and elsewhere.

● Gaza: Health System On Brink Of Collapse. - by Physicians For Human Rights In Israel

● Chavez warns of "war" if Colombia strikes Venezuela

● Noam Chomsky: Why Isn't Iraq in the 2008 Election? Noam Chomsky, Democracy Now! Election 2008: The public is massively against the war, and the Dems are debating over tactics in Iraq -- here's why.

● The Corporate Threat to Water and the Water Justice Movement's Fight to Protect it. Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! Water: An interview with international water guru Maude Barlow and clips from the new documentary Flow: For Love of Water.

● Deputy head of the National Iranian Oil Company for international affairs says Iran has completely dropped dollar in its oil sales.

● Having neither the will nor the means to confront our major economic challenges, Washington is instead hanging its hopes on words alone. This week, despite the clearest signs yet that the dollar is in critical condition, President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson tried to provide reassurance by once again invoking the name of the mythical "strong dollar policy". Meanwhile across town, with the latest crop of inflation figures pointing to the greatest price surges in a generation, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tried to do the Administration one better by insisting that inflation expectations remained "well anchored", and that stagflation was nowhere in sight.
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