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Big Dan's Big News June 11, 2008

America's elections are no better than Zimbabwe's elections!

For the minority of you imbecils who still are unaware that elections are being stolen very easily on electronic voting machines, in Pima, Arizona, residents are paying higher sales tax because a ballot initiative for it passed...because the machines were rigged! A Pima County employee's affidavit states that a computer operator at the Pima County Elections Division told him, during a conversation in a bar, that the election was "fixed...on the instructions of his bosses."

What more does this imply? It implies that not just this particular election, but elections across the country on electronic voting machines can be rigged! Also, who is teaching them how to rig the machines? Did they "stumble upon it"? Or does the company that makes the e-vote machines teach them how to rig elections on their equipment? The floodgates are opening!

The affidavit is the latest in a series of red flags concerning the RTA election. Other red flags include: (1) This was a sales tax increase, the type of vote that usually fails, and it looked like it was going down in the days prior to the election; (2) The database on the vote counting computer was erased and replaced a day into the early ballot scanning; (3) Unauthorized vote total summary reports were printed during the counting; (4) A tape of the original ballot layout stored with the Secretary of State --- which could have indicated if the vote was flipped --- was sent back to the County, which lost it; (5) An investigation into the election completed by the Attorney General's office was cursory and inconclusive.

Keep in mind a few other things. This won't be in the national corporate media. Sure, it's probably in the local Pima news, but the national corporate media is in on covering up all these important stories. Their job is to be a mouthpiece for corporations and the extremely rich. If they were doing their job of informing American citizens of important news, e-vote machines would be banned by now. And e-vote machine news isn't the only thing they're purposely keeping from you. They have us all tricked into thinking they are "liberal" or "conservative", and they're neither. They specialize in misinforming us or not even telling us about important news. They are doing their job, which is to promote the corporate and elite view of things. That's their job, they've been bought off. And next they'll go after the internet.

This needs to be traced to the top! Whoever gave orders to rig the machines must "spill the beans" on who their superiors were who told them, and so on, until it reaches the top and they uncover how widespread this is, and if the e-vote machine companies are actually teaching them how to rig them!

Can you trust any election on electronic voting machines? Do results of some elections totally astound you? You know what I'm talking about!

AZ ELECTION RIGGED: COUNTY EMPLOYEE AFFIDAVIT. Pima County, AZ employee files sworn affidavit claiming he was told that officials "fixed" 2006 ballot measure on Diebold tabulators. Local election advocates hold presser, call for immediate preservation and manual count of ballots in light of new evidence.


This is the week that should have effectively ended John McCain's efforts to become the next president of the United States. But you wouldn't know it if you watched any of the mainstream media outlets or followed political reporting in the major newspapers.

During this past week: McCain called the most important entitlement program in the U.S. a disgrace, his top economic adviser called the American people whiners, McCain released an economic plan that no one thought was serious, he flip flopped on Iraq, joked about the deaths of Iranian citizens, and denied making comments that he clearly made -- TWICE. All this and it is not even Friday! Yet watching and reading the mainstream press you would think McCain was having a pretty decent political week, I mean at least Jesse Jackson didn't say anything about him.

But let's unpack McCain's week in a little more detail.

The Week That Should Have Ended McCain's Presidential Hopes

Former Sen. Phil Gramm, a top economic adviser to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, referred to the economic slowdown as "a mental recession" and called the United States “a nation of whiners.”

McCain economic policy shaped by lobbyist and former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, who authored the "Enron Loophole" responsible for today's mortgage crisis; Swiss bank paid Phil Gramm to push agenda on U.S. mortgage crisis

Newsweek: For weeks now, John McCain's presidential campaign has faced awkward questions about the outside activities of several top advisers. Add one more name to the list: former Texas senator Phil Gramm, McCain's longtime friend and one of his five campaign co-chairs. (A sixth, former congressman Tom Loeffler, quit recently after NEWSWEEK reported on his lobbying work for Saudi Arabia.)

Attention women! Especially the fabricated Hillary backers who would vote for McCain! Look at how McCain squirms when asked about birth control! Know why? Because Republicans want to ban contraceptives to pander to their Evangelical base! Local NEPA Republicans Chris Hackett and Lou Barletta should be grilled about their stance on birth control, too! I already heard a "Hackett meltdown" on WILK when asked about condoms & birth control! Let's see if they "squirm" like this:


More national corporate media propaganda: A month ago, Israel "defense forces" were "simulating an Iranian attack" when they were test-firing missiles. But when Iran does it, as a response to Israel doing it first no less, the national corporate media frames it this way: "Iran throws down the gauntlett", "Iran sends message to U.S. and Israel" (why are we always linked to Israel???)...oh, and the Israeli's have "defense forces" and Iranians are "the terrorists"!

You'll never see this: "Iranian defense forces simulate response to Israeli invasion"! Israel "test-launches" missile, but Iran "test-fires" them. If Israel "test-fires" missiles, they're test-firing "for defensive purposes".

And don't forget, folks, there is a "Mounting Sense of Crisis" with Iran! Brought to you by the same national corporate media who pushed the Iraq War upon us as the arm of the government's propaganda!

Iran sends message to U.S., Israel

And while we're at it, I put "israel test iran" in Google/Images, and what do we have here? Under 2 stories about Iran's "test-firing" missiles? Take a look:

Notice anything? How come there's a missile missing in the 2nd picture, and the rest of both pictures are exactly the same down to the details of the smoke coming out of the rockets? Gee! Do you think the corporate media is pulling an "Iraq War" on us again? But with Iran this time? You know why you didn't notice this? Because you're braindead! Keep forking your tax money over to the Military Industrial Complex and waving your flag and watching ANBCBSNNX! Gee, those pictures look just like the planes that went into the Twin Towers!


This is what you missed today in the news, if you weren't watching the real news on non-corporate-owned Democracy NOW! news on DISH channels 9410 & 9415, and DirecTV channel 275:

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