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Big Dan's Big News July 12, 2008

With about 4 months left in his 8 years as president, Bush finally acknowledges "tough times":

"These are tough economic times for the American citizens but there is a way forward to help relieve some of the pressure on their pocketbooks," Bush said.


U.S. soldiers killed by Dick Cheney's Kellogg, Brown, & Root...they'll probably get "retroactive immunity"...

The biggest US military contractor in Iraq, KBR, was steeped in another scandal Friday as lawmakers, families and experts accused it of recklessly causing the electrocution deaths of US soldiers.


Funny, but I thought the "conservatives" were against "big govt"! I guess Republicans and their "news" really aren't CONSERVATIVE! The "if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" crowd are a bunch of wimps! And they're wimps with "big govt FISA" spying on them!

FOX "news" outs themselves as being govt controlled media by this one: They say putting shock bracelets on ALL airline passengers, to save us from "the terrorists" (as usual, good thing 9/11 happened!), isn't that bad of an idea. It's only a matter of time before you realize FOX "news" is against you, and for powerful govt. Are you going to put on your taser-bracelet like a good little citizen? So the govt can save you from "the terrorists"?

FOX "news" Terrorism expert downplays shock bracelet for airline passengers


McCain Has Police Remove Woman With "McCain=Bush" Sign (he doesn't like Bush???)

Read below, the Little Old Lady's Little Old Librarian blog, Carol Kreck's blogging about what happened to her when she was removed by McCain's staff:

"Where is the statement from McCain's staff in this story? And why did it take the Secret Service two days to claim they had nothing to do with my ouster?"

Here's DemoKKKracy:

Here's what Vietnam Veterans are saying about John McCain:

McCain's campaign manager's "greatest hits":

- During the last two days, the McCain campaign has gone into damage control over top economic adviser Phil Gramm’s belief that America has “become a nation of whiners” and is only “in a mental recession.”

- “Until we are on a pay-as-you-go budget, until we have stopped inflation, I do not intend to support any public works project in the United States.” — Gramm, 10/9/75

- “Minimum wage laws tend to cut the bottom rung off the economic ladder. The plain truth is there should be no minimum wage law in this great land of free enterprise.” — Gramm, 5/17/89

“We’re the only nation in the world where all our poor people are fat.” — Gramm, 9/6/81

Phil Gramm’s Greatest Hits: ‘Poor People Are Fat’ And ‘There Should Be No Minimum Wage’

10 reasons why your economic pain isn't "mental", like McCain's campaign manager says:

HOUSING FORECLOSURES INCREASING: As a result of the subprime lending crisis, “housing foreclosures nationwide were up 50% in June compared with the same month in 2007.” In California alone, foreclosures have reached an average of 500 per day.

HOMELESSNESS INCREASING: The number of homeless over the age of 50 are “steadily increasing.”

HEALTHCARE COSTS RISING: According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, “health-care costs are growing much faster than the economy.” Costs are rising so significantly, some Americans are delaying retirement.

GAS PRICES RISING: The national average gas price is $4.09, up 33% from this time last year. Gas prices are now expected to hit “$4.25 by the fall and then stay at more than $4 a gallon until the end of 2009.”

JOB LOSSES INCREASING: In the first six months of this year, a total of 438,000 jobs have been lost, bringing unemployment to 5.5%. The CEO of Bank of America commented, if unemployment continues to rise, “all bets are off.”

FOOD COSTS RISING: “U.S. food prices rose 4 percent in 2007″ making it the fastest rise in 17 years and, as a result, food stamps have considerably less buying power.

HEATING AND ELECTRICITY COSTS RISING: Heating oil costs across the north are expected to be “up 60 percent from last year” and utilities across the country are “raising power prices up to 29%.”

REAL WAGES DECLINING: “Slower wage growth and faster inflation has led to falling real hourly and weekly earnings for most workers.”

LEISURE SPENDING DECLINING: As a result of the rising cost of living, Americans are “tightening their belts and thinking twice about spending extra bucks on entertainment and leisure products.”

VALUE OF DOLLAR DECLINING: The dollar “has been declining steadily for six years against other major currencies, undercutting its role as the leading international banking currency.”

10 Reasons Why Your Economic Pain Isn’t ‘Mental’

I know, it's incredible how much ammo there is against McCain, it's like picking ripe, low-hanging plums off a tree! Here goes more:

After Voting Against Equal Pay Legislation, McCain Claims He’s ‘Committed To Equal Pay For Equal Work’


If you never saw this movie, "Vietnam, A Long Time Coming", watch it! I swear, if you watch the first 5 minutes of it, you can't stop watching it. It's very emotional and pertinent to what will happen to our returning soldiers from the wars we are in now. One of the best movies I've ever seen! It's playing on Free Speech TV on channel 9415 on DISH. And why aren't you watching Free Speech TV, by the way?

In 1998, World T.E.A.M. Sports (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) organized a 16-day, 1,200 mile bicycle ride through once war-torn Vietnam. Able-bodied and disabled veterans, from the U.S. and Vietnam, travel across a landscape where they once killed to stay alive. The former enemies ride as one team, joined by well-known rider Greg LaMonde and Senator John Kerry, in an emotional journey of peace, reconciliation, and athletic achievement. The biggest handicaps turn out to be the ghosts of the past, with their nagging reminders of conflict, injury and loss.

Length: 117m

click here to launch Real Player and watch movie

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