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Big Dan's Big News July 29, 2008

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Today's Headlines
● At Least 60 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Attack
● 6 Die in US Missile Strike in Pakistan
● Iran Seeking “Common Ground” with US
● Israel Won’t Negotiate on Jerusalem
● Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for Israelis over 2002 Gaza Bombing
● Admin to Leave Behind Record Deficit
● Probe: Justice Dept. Vetted Applicants for Political Views, Sexual Orientation
● EPA Imposes Gag on Employees
● Assailant Attacked Tennessee Church for Liberal Views
● Blackwater Awarded Millions in Small Business Contracts
● Audit: Millions Wasted on Unfinished Iraqi Prisons, Courts
● 2 More Banks Close as Crisis Widens
● La. Prosecutors Seek Indictment of Officer in Taser Death

In Depth News Stories
● Newspapers Suffer Spate of Layoffs, Decline in Circulation, Ad Revenue, Stock Price: A Roundtable Discussion on the State of the Industry
● The Big Squeeze: Steven Greenhouse on Tough Times for the American Worker


We're seeing the "MYTH" of "Liberal Media" crumbling right before our eyes! Media shill Rush Limbaugh just got a half-billion dollar contract to say "Drive-By Media" 100 times a day! Suckers!!!!!

Study of ABC/NBC/CBS: Media Biased Against Obama. Researcher Previously Hailed by Rightwingers Counters 'Conspiracy Theorists' Who Cite 'Liberal Media'...

CBS caught editting interview with John McCain to make him look better; they edit out huge daily McCain gaffe; remember Dan Rather was fired after making a mistake? Where are all the "conservatives" who wanted Dan Rather's head? They're ignoring this! Because "their guy" benefitted! Hypocrites!!!!!

Impeachment Hearing: Bush Dead-Enders Make One Last Stand. Prospects are so bad for Republicans in the Senate that Sen. Mitch McConnell, their embattled leader, has given them free reign to vote against the party and, certainly, their unpopular president, if it will help them save their seats in November.

Anyone find it "odd" that there's hearings going on about impeaching Bush? Only C-SPAN covered it? That's not "news" according to ABC/NBC/CBS?

Gimme Some Truth! Dr. Winston O'Boogie (John Lennon). Watch Democracy NOW! news on DISH channel 9415 Free Speech TV, and LINK-TV on DISH channel 9410 and DirecTV channel 275!


Monica Goodling rears her pretty little Kool-Aid drinking head again!

Justice Department Aides Broke The Law. Ethics Panel Finds Former Officials Routinely Broke The Law In Hiring Process... Used Political Litmus Tests To Screen Job Candidates... Conducted Internet Searches For Phrases Like "Abortion," "Homosexual," And "Florida Re-Count"

Home Prices Plunge At Steepest Rate Ever. Home Prices Plunge Record 15.8 Percent In May


9/11 Primer
Above: Angle-cut beams at the site of the WTC demolitions, proof of controlled demoltion.

March 27, 2004 THE 9/11 COVER-UP COMMISSION: How the Foxes are Guarding the Chicken Coop. The Bush administration opposed forming the Commission. The persistence of a band of 9/11 widows brought the Commission into existence. After stalling, Bush signed the law creating the Commission in November 2002 -- and then stacked the Commission and stalled again.

July 29, 2005; The Bush Who Seems to be in All the Right Places: Marvelous Marvin. I have to marvel at how the corporate media, and the various government and quasi-government bodies that investigated or are investigating 9-11, have ignored curious things involving the Bush family. The one that has me most stunned right now is the information dug up and actually published (in the Prince George's Journal of Prince George, MD) way back on Feb. 4, 2003, reporting that George Bush's obscure youngest brother Marvin was on the board of directors of a company called Securacom (now changed to Stratesec) that was responsible for providing "electronic security" to the World Trade Center right up to 9/11/2001.

August, 2004 The Bush Crime Family: Four Generations of Wall Street War-Making and War-Profiteering By Dr. Eric Karlstrom

August 17, 2005 But, what else did Greenspan's lower rates achieve? Well, they achieved the results for which they were designed; they kept the economy humming along while Bush dragged the country to war, they kept the American people asleep while $400 billion per year in Bush tax cuts were siphoned from the US Treasury, and they generated what the "The Economist" calls this "the biggest bubble in history"; the housing bubble. All of these were purely political choices made at the Federal Reserve under the auspices of Fed-chairman Greenspan. Thanks, Alan.

The spies who pushed for warJulian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force


11/27/2002 Asking Henry Kissinger to investigate government malfeasance or nonfeasance is akin to asking Slobodan Milosevic to investigate war crimes. Pretty damn akin, since Kissinger has been accused, with cause, of engaging in war crimes of his own. Moreover, he has been a poster-child for the worst excesses of secret government and secret warfare. Yet George W. Bush has named him to head a supposedly independent commission to investigate the nightmarish attacks of September 11, 2001, a commission intended to tell the public what went wrong on and before that day. This is a sick, black-is-white, war-is-peace joke--a cruel insult to the memory of those killed on 9/11 and a screw-you affront to any American who believes the public deserves a full accounting of government actions or lack thereof.

December 3, 2002 The President clearly does not want to know the truth about September 11. Otherwise he would not have appointed Henry Kissinger to head an inquiry into the origins of arguably the most successful terrorist attack in history. Long an unabashed advocate of concealing and distorting the truth in the name of national security, he is the last guy who has the right to ask someone in government, "What did you know and when did you know it?" Kissinger, after all, was the member of the Nixon White House most bent on destroying Daniel Ellsberg for giving a copy of the Pentagon Papers, the government's secret history of the Vietnam War, to the New York Times. His obsession with preventing all government leaks, except those of his creation, is well documented in the Nixon tapes. And this is the man who publicly lied about everything from the bombing of Cambodia to the cover-up of the Watergate break-in of Democratic Party headquarters to the overthrow and death of the democratically elected leader of Chile.

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