Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 25, 2008

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Today's Headlines
● Admin Told CIA Torture Justified “In Good Faith”
● Obama Speaks Before 200,000 in Germany
● US Probes Afghan Civilian Deaths in Air Strikes
● Israel to Build New Settlement in West Bank
● Ex-Argentine Army Chief Sentenced to Life in Prison
● US to Shift Aid to Fund Pakistani Fighter Jets
● Iraq Banned from Olympic Games
● Judiciary Committee Takes Up Bush Impeachment
● 100,000 Sign Petition for Rove Jailing
● House Measure Seeks Ban on Iranian TV
● South African Judge Appointed New UN Human Rights Commissioner

In-Depth Interviews
● Steve Clemons: Obama's Wall Speech Should Have Been About Israel, Not Berlin
● Main Core: New Evidence Reveals Top Secret Government Database Used in Bush Spy Program
● Race, Politics and the Media: A Roundtable Discussion from the UNITY Conference


Good grief! What's going on here?

Obama speaks in front of 200,000 enthusiastic German Obamaniacs...

...meanwhile, Charlie McBrown speaks at some sausage house in front of 2 Krauts somewhere:

Is Charlie McBrown throwing the election or something? Is it fixed? What's going on here! McCain backers can't possibly imagine he's in this race or even trying! I think something REEKS here!!!

...and, hey, ONION! Update your DIEBOLD skit to say "Obama" instead of "Hillary", will ya???


"It wasn't so bad"..."Attendance was respectable"...there were "Foul-ups"..."Nothing's perfect"..."Short notice"..."Confusion"..."Right hand and the left hand just didn’t get together on this"..."No advance notice" (HUH???)...LOCUSTS!!!!!

bd: How about this one: "Obama's winning by a landslide, and no one likes Charlie McBrown"!

NEPA: Local GOP talking heads give every reason under the sun except "THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK" for only 800 showing up at the 1800-seat Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre for the big Charlie McBrown rally.


Big Dan's Big Blog exclusive of today's upcoming McCain rally!


CBS covered for McCain not knowing what he's talking about, by editting an interview! The corporate-controlled media is for the Republicans! It's no joke anymore! There is no such thing as the "liberal media" like they're telling you! It's a lie! It's always been a lie! Think about who says "liberal media": Rush Limbaugh!!!

Sign the petition: "CBS let down the public by covering up John McCain's lack of understanding about Iraq. CBS should correct the record by airing what McCain actually said and explaining why he was flat-out wrong." (when you hear overlapping audio at one point, that's intentional)


Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Rally. In a flagrant political act, the State Department has barred its employees from attending Sen. Barack Obama's speech in Berlin tonight.


Colbert "defends" FOX "news" against rapper NAS's petition about them being racist:

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