Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 14, 2008

Another anti-gay gay Republican hypocrite. Alabama Republican attorney general and McCain Alabama state campaign chair Troy King, allegedly caught in bed with another man by his wife. Why are there far more gays in the Republican party and why are they anti-gay? There is some psychology to this! Isn't irony sweeeeet?

John McCain's Alabama campaign chairman is on the brink of resigning after allegedly being caught by his wife in bed with...ANOTHER MAN! Yep! Another gay anti-gay Republican! Just like Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Bob Allen, Ted Haggard, the list goes on!

King, a conservative Republican Christian who has called homosexuality the ‘downfall of society,’ has been caught with his pants down — literally — in a gay sex scandal. King was reportedly nabbed having sex with a male assistant by his wife, Paige King, in the couple’s own bed.

McCain’s Alabama Chairman Reportedly Outed - Attorney General Troy King Has a Record of Homophobic Rhetoric

Glory, Glory, Troy May Stick It Out! But here's some unsolicited advice for Troy from this DFH blogger: You can't stonewall your way through this thing. Your office is telling people who call that they won't confirm or deny any rumors. If it's a false, scurrilous rumor, why not just say "There are false, scurrilous rumors circulating and we will not dignify them with further response?" A flat denial would at least convince a few people and provide a fig leaf so others could credibly drop the story.

AG Troy King & the Homocoming King of Troy U

Anti-Gay Alabama A.G. Caught Being Gay

The John McCain campaign scrubbed its website today to remove all references to its Alabama campaign chairman, Attorney General Troy King.

(click to enlarge; this is a screenshot that lists Alabama Attorney General Troy King as McCain's Alabama state chairman...BEFORE McCain scrubbed his site!)

Here's the "Top 5" Republican gay sex scandals; that's top 5 only, and only for that 1 year period.


This might be the greatest, funniest, "tell it like it is" thing I've seen a politician say lately!

Senator Hillary Clinton:

"I can't wait to see Barack raise his hand, take that oath of office and get to work," she told 3,000 delegates at Chicago's American Federation of Teachers conference on Saturday.

"Our president goes to Japan four months before the election that will finally show him the door and says he's going to take global warming seriously," the Washington Post quotes her. "Then as he's leaving the G-8 conference, says to people around him, 'Goodbye from the biggest polluter world in the world.' You've got to ask yourself, how did this happen to our country?"

"A vice-president who shoots somebody in the face, you couldn't make that up," she added, as a "highlight" of the two-term Bush presidency.

The Republicans, she continued, "should hold a press conference and apologize to the country and say they're just not going to run anyone for president."

Senator Clinton: Republicans should apologize to America


Did we win yet? We've been over there longer than WWII!

Officials: 9 US troops killed in Afghanistan


Red Cross finds Bush administration guilty of war crimes. In a secret report last year, the Red Cross found evidence of the CIA using torture on prisoners that would make the Bush administration guilty of war crimes, The New York Times reported Friday.

President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran


British soldiers forced a boy of 14 to carry out an act of oral sex on a fellow male prisoner in Iraq, according to shocking new allegations made about the behaviour of British troops. (picture pixellated on request by boy, afraid of retribution)

You know what I wish? That this happens to everyone who ignores things like this. And I hope those of you like Rush Limbaugh, who make fun of things like this and water boarding, I hope you get taken away without charge and water boarded some day. I really do! Obviously, you can't put yourself in someone else's shoes, probably because you're not intelligent enough. Maybe it'll happen to your kid someday, something like this.

British soldiers accused of sickening sex assault on Iraqi boy, 14, just days after the MoD has to pay out millions to the father of a man UK soldiers beat to death, fresh claims of abuse emerge.


Another spinmeister crook: Treasury Secretary Paulson. Another Republican "free market system" government bailout for the billionaires!

Fed to bailout giant bank again...same old taxpayer theft lines: "If they go down, we all go down", "They're a cornerstone of the economy", "preventing a shock to the financial system", "The failure of just one of the companies could be catastrophic for economies around the world", we're "rescuing them", it's a "rescue package" for the billionaires again! They're helping us by helping the banks! Same old lines for bailing out corporations & billionaires like Bear/Stearns. Same old recycled cliches for giving them taxpayer welfare. When it comes to bailing out people losing their homes, though, Bush calls them "reckless homeowners taking advantage of lenders and investors". Corporations and billionaires can gamble with no government regulation thanks to guys like John McCain's campaign manager Phil Gramm, but they run to the government for a taxpayer bailout when it doesn't work out. It's a "WIN-WIN" situation for the billionaires...again! And you thought the Bear/Stearsn bailout was the last one, just wait! There will be more after this Fannie/Freddy Mac Bailout...but none for us! Only for the elites! Republicans believe in the "free market system"...except when they need a taxpayer bailout! Hypocrites! And their apologists and voters are also hypocrites!

Notice in the article, it says: "the package, if adopted, would bring the Treasury closer than ever to exposing taxpayers to potentially huge new liabilities". Pretty nice, huh? Did they ask us about this? Where's all the hicks who said, "I ain't bailin' out duh reckless homeowners wit muh tax money!" The hicks are "OK" with bailing out billionaires for billions of dollars, buth OH NO! "Don't bailout no homeowner wit muh tax money!"

Administration Asks Congress For Huge Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Bailout

Bush Addresses "Reckless Homeowners"...again...

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