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Rush Limbaugh FAKE CALLERS: punk rocker "DANGER"


(above: possibly what Limbaugh/McCain fan & punk rocker "Danger" looks like; she hates her "hippie parents"...but they're not hippies anymore...can't Limbaugh's writers at least make his FAKE callers a little more believable???)

23-year-old "Punk Rock Conservative" who doesn't like Obama happens to call Rush Limbaugh show. Limbaugh's FAKE callers are now so obviously ridiculous, it's "off the charts" obvious! Punk rock conservative named "Danger" interested in Wesley Clark's comments...

RUSH: Here's... What is it: Dancer? Danger? There's somebody named Danger on the phone from Perry, Georgia.
CALLER: Yes, sir, Perry Georgia.
RUSH: How did you get the name Danger?
CALLER: My parents were hippies. First, I have to say Rush is one of my top-ten, all-time favorite guy names.
RUSH: (laughs) Hell, thanks so much. That's very cool.
CALLER: Yes, I'm pretty cool. I like to think, anyway.
RUSH: What's your middle name, Danger?
CALLER: Um... Michelle.
RUSH: Danger Michelle. Okay.
CALLER: Something like that.
RUSH: Your parents were hippies.
CALLER: They don't like it when I tell people that.
RUSH: Are they still hippies?
CALLER: No, sir.
RUSH: Okay, good.
CALLER: (chuckles) Well, anyways, first, I'd like to say I'm a 23-year-old punk rock conservative. So I've got it rough with my friends. But I wanted to comment on what General Wesley Clark said. How can he say that McCain wasn't tried and tested? He certainly was. He was a prisoner of war. He came as close to making the ultimate sacrifice for his nation that one can make, and still live to talk about it. I mean, if that's not a patriot, I don't know what is.
RUSH: Do you think it's a qualification, however?
CALLER: (dog barks) A qualification? I think so.
RUSH: To be president, yeah?
CALLER: Absolutely. To think enough of your country that you're going to go out there and risk your life to fight for its name? Absolutely.
RUSH: Well, I would agree with you when you add the sum total of McCain's political resume. Now, we can disagree with his policies on certain things.
CALLER: Then we can compare it to Obama's personal resume.
RUSH: There is no resume.
CALLE:R Yeah, so it's pretty...
RUSH: That's the point. Do your punk rock friends like Obama.
CALLER: They most certainly do. I get it rough from them.
RUSH: I'm sure you do.
CALLER: I'll tell you what.
RUSH: I bet they don't even know why they like him. I'll bet you it's just he makes them feel good or he speaks well or he's young, or something like that.
CALLER: I can tell you why they like him. They like him because of MTV, VH1. Obama is... Evidently he's in the scene.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: It's hip to like Obama.
RUSH: Danger, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.
RUSH: I've never, ever had a caller named Danger that was so innocent and harmless. (bd: AND FAKE!)
END TRANSCRIPT Transcript all the way at the bottom of this link.

...and here's the time a 21-year-old "Conservative Atheist" "happened to call" Rush Limbaugh right when he was talking about how Romney actually appeals to atheists while he was still in the race.


Attention NEPA Luzerne County residents who just had their property taxes go through the roof with reassessment!

Get on the "McCain Property Tax Plan" and simply don't pay your property tax for 4 years! On your "7 or so houses"! One of which was the McCain's beachfront property in California, you know, where all the "Hallywood Libruls" have beachfront property! Of course you don't know about this! Because you've been brainwashed into thinking the corporate owned newspapers & TV are "liberal"! If the McCain's not paying property taxes on their beachfront property on one of their "7 or so homes" isn't "elitist", then I don't know what is!

When you're poor, it can be hard to pay the bills. When you're rich, it's hard to keep track of all the bills that need paying. It's a lesson Cindy McCain learned the hard way when NEWSWEEK raised questions about an overdue property-tax bill on a La Jolla, Calif., property owned by a trust that she oversees. Mrs. McCain is a beer heiress with an estimated $100 million fortune and, along with her husband, she owns at least seven properties, including condos in California and Arizona.

Wesley Clark Stands By McCain Criticism

Lt. General Robert G. Gard Jr. (USA, Ret.) Defending Wes Clark

McCain Uses Swift Boat Vet Bud Day To Rebut Wesley Clark

The "Swiftboating" Meme Is Out Against General Clark- Updated


I'm pointing out, the difference in how the corporate media, the so-called "liberal media", paraded the 2004 Swiftboaters against John Kerry, as compared to the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain. There is a HUGE difference, and it's time we started pointing these things out about the corporate media, and disspell the folklore of the "liberal media".

Where were all these people in the corporate media who are now attacking Wesley Clark for commenting about John McCain's war record...when the 2004 Swiftboaters were attacking John Kerry? And they were simply giving them a forum to spout their lies? John McCain has actually recruited one of the 2004 debunked "Swiftboaters", Budd Day!

According to the corporate media, it's "unpatriotic" to question John McCain's war record and also "off limits". Now, it was "OK" to question John Kerry's in 2004! Also, it's "OK" to say Wes Clark is Swiftboating John McCain! I'm just trying to keep it straight, what the corporate media wants me to think...I'm just wondering if they think we forgot what happened 4 years ago!

If my eyes and ears aren't deceiving me, Wes Clark simply said that getting shot down in a plane in Vietnam is not a qualification for being president! Is that true or not? Is that "Swiftboating" someone? The 2004 Swiftboaters accused John Kerry of outright lying about his Vietnam service...that's like night and day vs. what Wes Clark said! But then again, the corporate media isn't "liberal"...

What's the point? Notice how this VietnamVeteransAgainstJohnMcCain.com group is ignored compared to the Swiftboaters against John Kerry! You never even heard of this group! Did you!

From the Washington Post from January, notice the bolded sentence "McCain's campaign was quick to jump on the falsehoods promoted by the group, which are of a sort increasingly common in presidential contests."; that's a far cry from the red carpet the Washington Post and the whole corporate media laid out for the Swiftboaters against John Kerry in 2004! We are supposed to "assume" this group is promoting "falsehoods"...according to the Washington Post.

"Arizona Sen. John McCain's campaign responded forcefully today to a group called Vietnam Veterans Against McCain that has sent out mailers blasting the senator in South Carolina. On its web site, the group says the former prisoner of war and onetime Navy pilot did not deserve the medals he earned in Vietnam. The group charges that he earned "medals for valor" equal to nearly a medal-and-a-half for each hour spent in combat, and also alleges that he discussed U.S. military operations with the North Vietnamese while in captivity.

The flier put out by the group, which the McCain campaign provided to The Post, shows a bloated picture of McCain with the phrases "SONGBIRD" and "AN ENORMOUS CRIME, THE POWS I HELPED LEAVE BEHIND" beside his face. The mailer from the group repeats the web site's charge that McCain received medals despite putting in very few hours in combat.

McCain's campaign was quick to jump on the falsehoods promoted by the group, which are of a sort increasingly common in presidential contests. In 2000, McCain lost the presidential primary race in South Carolina thanks in part to a smear campaign alleging he'd fathered a black child out of wedlock, and, in 2004, a campaign by a group like the one now attacking McCain lit into John Kerry's military service and seriously damaged his campaign for the presidency.

McCain was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years. Orson Swindle, a prisoner of war with McCain in Vietnam, countered the group's charges in a statement put out by the campaign. "Nothing could be further from the truth. I know because I was there," he said. McCain never told the Northern Vietnamese anything and refused release from a prison camp unless his fellow POWs were released, Swindle added."

I don't want to seem "unpatriotic", so just pretend I'm talking about John Kerry's war record...instead of John McCain's...


Breaking news by intrepid award-winning FOX News journalist Sean Hannity: "The U.S. is the greatest, best country God has every given man on the face of the earth!" .....ignored by the liberal mainstream media!

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