Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 2, 2008

McCain flip-flops the corporate media is ignoring:

● McCain was against the repeal of Roe v. Wade before he was for it.
● McCain was against torture before he was for it. Really for it.
● McCain was against crazy right-wing preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson before he was for them.
● McCain was against Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy before he was for them.
● McCain was against shady Bush “Pioneer” Texas billionaire swift-boat financiers before he was for them.
● McCain was for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law before he was against it and began breaking it.
● McCain was against Grover Norquist, whom he called “corrupt, a shill for dictators“ before he was for him.
● McCain was against BJU because of its “hateful,” “racist and cruel” policies before he was for it.
● McCain was against ethanol before he was for ethanol and then he was against it again.
● McCain was against a Martin Luther King holiday before he was for it. …

Late Edition’s McCain Flip-Flop Flashback

McBush FlipFlop Express


Patriot and "good neighbor" Joe Horn found "not guilty".

Remember last year, Texan Joe Horn shot and killed 2 men burglarizing his neighbors' property? He was just found "not guilty". Key points: He shot them in the back, and against the orders of the 911 dispatcher (play below). The year was 2007, and at one point he says to the dispatcher, "Things have changed since September 1st"...probably referring to 9/11/2001. Anyway, a Texas jury found him "not guilty". It seems to me, that he went outside with the intent to shoot and kill the burglars that were in his neighbors' yard. I'm assumming that's legal in Texas...well now it definitely is! My opinion? Property, especially your neighbors' property, isn't worth 2 human beings' lives. But, that's just me...even though I don't go to church, I still believe this. Jesus said, "Thou shalt not kill"...I think... Maybe this guy thought Jesus was full of shit!

Abrams: Texas jury OKs shooting burglars in the back?

"anybody that does not think this guy is a patriot is an idiot...this is what happens when niggers try to steal in white areas from now on...they get their ass shot...much better than paying for their housing in our prisons...we gave these niggers everything and now they want this too...steal in white areas and then get their ASS blown away and then you to got losers that say that is wrong too... cotullaguy

Yeah..."losers" like Jesus!

Entire Joe Horn 911 call:

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Wait! Let me guess! I know I'm going out on a limb with this one, but I say that Joe Horn is a Republican, likes Bush, and is for torturing prisoners...and listens to Rush Limbaugh...!"


Oil Change International ( put up on the Big Links on the right)

Larry King Live Panders To Big Oil ‘Heroes’

John Stossel: "Oil Companies Are Hero's" Watch how Stossel uses the "coffee costs more per gallon" shit...that is a patented rightwing strategy: "More people get killed on our highways than the Iraq War"...the illogical but effective on idiots comparison...that has nothing to do with gas prices! He says gas costs twice as much in some other countries (ANOTHER comparison strategy!), but doesn't mention that those countries have national health care to show for it! I'd pay $8/gallon if we also had national health care! What an asshole! The next time some guy says, "Coffee costs more per gallon" as if they like paying these high gas prices, I'm gonna shove a Starbucks coffee up his ass! Sideways! I'm serious! Try me! One more time, if someone says that...tell them, "OK, if you want to pay more, give me the same amount of money it takes to fill up your tank, as well as you paying for that tank. This way it'll be $10/gallon, and you'll REALLY be happy!" I swear to god, if I hear the coffee comparison one more time! For Christ's sake!

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