Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 30, 2008

My first fundraiser! I'm going on the hook for $400! There is a kid we know who needs a mouth operation and has no health insurance. He works, but hasn't lately due to illness from the infection in his mouth. O'Malley & Miller from Clarks Summit are donating the operation, but the anesthesia is $400 and not donated. I'm going to pay the $400 minus any donations. Donations can be made by calling (570) 586-5300 and ask for Dale, they take credit cards. The person's name is Jason Vo and his appt. is Aug. 1st at 11:45am. If you could ask around if anyone wants to donate...the scheduled operation can be verified by calling 586-5300, ask to verify that Jason Vo has an operation scheduled for Friday Aug. 1 @ 11:45.

This is why we need universal health care! I've recently come to the conclusion that it's the people WITH health care that are stopping it. For two reasons: they are targetted by scare propaganda that their health their existing health care will be worse, and people with health care aren't concerned about people with no health care. There are 50 million Americans with no health care, and they aren't asked their opinion about it. People WITH health care are targetted with anti-universal health care tactics like "Harry & Louise" from the 1990's. Financed by the insurance corporations and those who stood to lose big profits.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is: I am not related to this person, but I'm going on the hook for the entire $400 minus any donations! I've never done this before, but I'm going to start doing things like this! Because I care about others besides myself!

If more than $400 is donated, I have an idea: let O'Mally & Miller keep it for the next person who needs help! Until the day comes when we are not THE ONLY INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY without universal health care!

I'd like to add, that I called several area orthodonists to ask them to do this operation for free, and they basically said to "get fucked"! I got into a heated argument with one of them, asking if they'd do the operation if they knew he'd die otherwise, and they said, "This is a business we're running here!" I said, "Thank you for admitting that!" They said they'd call me back, and never did.


ps the Big Dan's don't have much $$$, so how 'bout donatin'???



Field of Schemes: Congress Probes How New Sports Stadiums Turn Public Money into Private Profit


OK, this is too much! Our congress labelled "PressTV" a "terrorist news outlet"! I have posted several things from PressTV in the past, I've been on their site, and they look like any other site I've been on. I have NEVER thought anything about them such as they are a "terrorist news site"!

Our government is out of control, and YOU are blind to it! This is serious!

Guess what? I purposely added PressTV to my links on the right. Know what I have to tell our congress about this whole situation?

Get us goddamn universal health care instead of banning news websites like fucking Nazi Germany or Communist Russia!!! And stop stealing our tax money for wars of lies that you make up!!! We need to boot every single clown from both parties out of this government!!!

...and I'd like to link you all to an article...

Maybe our congress doesn't want us to know about Joseph Dwyer and the vets calling the suicide hotline!

22,000 vets call suicide hotline annually. Joseph Dwyer, 26, died of an accidental overdose after a 5-year struggle with PTSD. Over 22,000 veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan have sought help from a special governmental suicide hotline in the past year.


Nation's longest serving Republican senator Ted "series of tubes" Stevens indicted (also known as "crotchety old man") ...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...clap...(the "slow clap" as seen in lousy teen movies). Somehow, when he said the "internet was a series of tubes", I had a feeling he'd end up in jail...Republicans aren't getting a good grip on spying on us on the internet, because they think it's a "buncha tubes"...

Republican Senator Ted Stevens Indicted On 7 Criminal Charges

Ted Stevens once said the "internet is a series of tubes":


Daily Show: Obama's Germany speech vs. McCain's speech at sausage house:

At around 7:10 of this video, watch how McCain looks like a little kid who doesn't want to shake hands with someone he doesn't like..."Ahhhh!!! Let go of my hand!!!


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