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Big Dan's Big News July 18, 2008

Michael Chertoff is out of control, like the whole Bush administration. Screwing over their Republican voters, too! They don't care about you or the Constitution! His mother is Israeli, giving him dual Israeli citizenship, which he doesn't like to talk about. Why are there so many in the Bush administration with Israeli ties? Just a coincidence...that they all want to bomb Arab countries and get us to hate Arabs. So, you like Chertoff because he's a Republican and you're a Republican voter? Well, he doesn't like you! He's "saving you from the terrorists", though! So, it's OK for TWO reasons! Saving you from the terror THEY are creating to save you from and blame someone else!

ACLU calls for probe of Chertoff over 'terrorist' watch list

A "total failure" calls a "total failure" a "total failure". Too bad there's an exclusive club we aren't allowed in, stealing our tax money and fucking us over. Whoever controls the machine is corrupted absolutely. Neither party cares about you. I just think the Republicans are slightly worse. The people I hate the most, are the kool-aid drinking Republican voters, because they are blind to how bad they too are getting fucked over. But they wave their flags made in China and let "big government Republicans" protect them from the terror they're creating.

Pelosi calls Bush a 'total failure' who has 'no ideas'

Killed by Kellogg, Brown, & Root...Cheney's company who got no-bid contracts with your tax money they stole off you with their machine.

How come you idiots out there don't care that corporations who's only motive is to maximize profits, are killing American soldiers? What the fuck is wrong with you? "Oh! But Rush Limbaugh said blubbity blub blah blah blah..." SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!! Know why I repeat stories like this? Because you're so stupid, maybe I'll repeat it a thousand times and it will sink in! Maybe it'll sink in when it's one of YOUR family who died!

Shoddy electrical work by private contractors on United States military bases in Iraq is widespread and dangerous, causing more deaths and injuries from fires and shocks than the Pentagon has acknowledged, according to internal Army documents.


Peter Pitts loves you! He's concerned about your health care! (only if you HAVE health care) He doesn't have an agenda! Funny, though, he has a syndicated article about universal health care...and doens't mention the 50 million Americans without health care! And doesn't reference any of his "facts"! How does he get a column like this in your newspaper? Because a corporation owns your newspaper!

Anti-national health care for all syndicated hit-piece, by former Bush FDA crony Peter Pitts, in a local newspaper near you (it was in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, and syndicated in other newspapers):

"Those who advocate a government-run health system for the United States often point to the British National Health Service and the Canadian health system as models of state-financed – and high-quality – health care. Just look at the statistics and international rankings from groups like the World Health Organization (WHO), they say. (bd: and also look at the polls in their country's that say they would never trade theirs for ours)

Don’t be fooled (bd: He's your "friend"! He's going to help you "not get fooled"! He cares about you!). As the saying goes, statistics are like a bathing suit. What they show you is interesting, but what they conceal is essential. (bd: and Mr. Pitts goes on to do exactly that, read on!)

And what do the WHO’s data conceal? That the United Kingdom and Canadian health care systems focus more on saving money than on caring for patients (bd: where is your evidence, besides just SAYING this? he just SAID a statement! not backed by any facts or data!). As a result (bd: as a result of what???), citizens of these nations experience long wait times, a lack of access to certain treatments and, in many instances, substandard medical care (bd: AGAIN...where is your proof of this???).

For example, a typical Canadian seeking surgical or other therapeutic treatment had to wait 18.3 weeks in 2007 – an all-time high (bd: where does it say that?). About 875,000 Canadians are currently on waiting lists for medical treatment (bd: and 50 MILLION Americans don't have ANY health care! ASSHOLE! I think those 50 million Americans would GLADLY rather be on a waiting list AND HAVE HEALTH CARE! They're not on a waiting list, I have to admit that! They just won't ever get health care!).

Many Canadians can’t even get routine care (bd: where does it say that?). Of those who sought routine or ongoing care in 2005, one in six had trouble even getting into a doctor’s office for a routine procedure or checkup (bd: again, where does it say that?).

It’s no better across the Atlantic (bd: Oh, really?). The average wait time for bypass surgery in New York is 17 days – compared to 72 days in the Netherlands and 59 days in Sweden (bd: this ASSHOLE just compared a CITY (NYC) to a COUNTRY! (Netherlands)...and why did he pick the Netherlands of all the country's with National Health Care? Possibly because they have the longest wait time of them all? And where does it say that, anyway?).

Patients with serious illnesses such as cancer face much longer odds of survival in government-run health care systems (bd: Why doesn't this guy say where he's getting this information? Maybe he's making it up!). In the U.K., the five-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with breast cancer early on is 78 percent – compared to 98 percent for similar patients in the United States (bd: maybe that's because poor people who are more likely to die are actually getting health care, bringing these averages down! If this data even exists. Mr. Pitts doesn't say where he's getting it from. Maybe he's making it up!).

People tend not to realize that such grim statistics are part and parcel of universal health care (bd: Those aren't "grim" statistics! Even if they are true, Mr. Pitts doesn't say where he's getting them from, is waiting a little longer and having 50 million more Americans coveres "GRIM"??? WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT???).

Last autumn, the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) found this out firsthand. Our organization interviewed people on the streets of New York City and asked them if they’d prefer “government” health care or “universal” health care (bd: Notice! He says, "found this out" by "interviewing people on the streets of New York City"...SO...he found out the health care statistics of other countrys with National Health Care...BY INTERVIEWING PEOPLE ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK CITY??? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!).

They overwhelmingly chose “universal” health care. Nobody realized that they were the same thing(bd: So! He's asking them "trick questions"! Why??? Besides, even though he's asking them "trick questions", the point is still there: PEOPLE WANT NATIONAL HEALTH CARE! SO IT BACKFIRED!!!).

What’s worse, when asked how much more they’d be willing to pay in taxes to support universal health care, many responded, “we want it to be free, like in Europe and Canada.” (bd: Is this another "trick question? I'm sure they mean FREE health care paid for by our taxes, you dumb motherfucker!!!)

It’s easy to understand why the public doesn’t know the truth about universal health care (bd: Because propagandist like YOU are CONFUSING THEM???). Politicians and polemicists have clouded the issue, deliberately ignoring the major problems with government-run health care (bd: Like COVERING EVERYBODY!) and promising that “universal health care” will be “free.” (bd: AGAIN! I'm sure they mean the HEALTH CARE IS FREE...they KNOW taxes pay for it! Don't you get that? Are you THAT stupid?)

But even in health care, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (bd: Stop confusing FREE HEALTH CARE with PAYING FOR IT WITH TAXES! They KNOW it's paid for up front for all, and then the CARE is FREE FOR ALL! I think you're doing this on purpose, Bub!).

Our national conversation about health care has to advance beyond vague concepts and convenient political rhetoric (bd: Right! We finally agree! We need it NOW! It must advance to ACTION!). Government guarantees of universal care might sound appealing, but as universal systems elsewhere have shown, those guarantees are little more than hot air (bd: No they haven't! That's a LIE that YOU have stated here backed by NO FACTS OR EVIDENCE! Just you SAYING IT!).

Everyone agrees that health care reform is needed (bd: WRONG! We want Universal Health Care for ALL, Mr. Pitts! Not some "vague reform" like you're talking about!).

The hard part will be finding a solution that is workable, responsible and puts patients first (bd: By that, he means "The hard part will be finding out a way to make the same profits, if not more, than the present system provides the corporations"!).

Peter Pitts is president of the New York City-based Center for Medicine in the Public Interest and a former Food and Drug Administration associate commissioner."

BD: I commented in yesterday's comments about this anti-health care for all syndicated hit-piece, but I missed the point. I now realize, hit-pieces like this are directed at THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE HEALTH CARE. And the strategy to thwart Universal health care for all Americans, is to SCARE THOSE WHO HAVE HEALTH CARE ALREADY! People like Mr. Pitts never mention the 50 million Americans who don't have health care (read the article yourself!), they never mention the thousands of Americans who die each year because they don't have health care, they don't mention the insurance corporations denying health care even to those WITH health care, they don't mention the astronomical premiums that are killing us worse than gas prices (YES! I SAID THAT! THIS IS WORSE THAN THE GAS CRISIS!), they never mention the thousands of dollars even those insured have to pay for co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance (that's a fancy name for the insurance corporations not paying the whole thing, even though you're paying astronomical premiums), etc... (add your own)...

We are paying DOUBLE! Even if we kept the current system, why am I paying my premium and then paying and paying and paying again and again for all these other things???

To recap, these syndicated corporate creeps with these anti-Universal Health Care for all are trying to scare people with insurance. But the thing they're not counting on, is that the tide has turned so bad since the Harry & Louise scare tactics of the 90's, even the people WITH health care know it STINKS!!! Here's a safe bet: anyone who writes an article about universal health care and doesn't mention the 50 million Americans not covered, is a shill!!! He was Bush's FDA guy from 2002->2004. We all know how great govt agencies are run under Bush! (pollution, deadly tomato's, deadly spinach, deadly meat, etc...) Great guy to listen to! Peter Pitts is "helping you"! He LOVES YOU! And has no corporate interests!

btw...grab your mouse and start clicking yourself, and looking this stuff up! When you see a column in your local newpaper, LOOK THE FUCKING GUY UP!!! He was a Senior Fellow for healthcare studies at the Pacific Research Institute, and The Pacific Research Institute has associated with rightwing neo-con "think-tanks" like the American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute. The ones who pushed the neo-con PNAC agenda and the Iraq War, and are Bush and Republican apologists.

Are you going to fall for the corporations "Harry and Louise" propaganda again this time???

TV ads featuring "Harry and Louise" helped defeat the Clinton health plan in 1994. The ads were funded by a group of insurance companies who feared they would be cut out of the market by larger firms.

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