Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 16, 2008

How our government, governments around the world, and the super-rich use crisises and disasters to enact legislation and doctrines unpopular with the people. It's going on right now with all these crisises like oil and "terrorism".

Naomi Klein on Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, & DirecTV channel 275.

With Crises in Fuel, Food, Housing and Banking, What Gvt. Policies Are Being Pushed Through? Naomi Klein Reexamines “The Shock Doctrine”

As the country and the world reel from crises ranging from skyrocketing oil prices and global food shortages to housing and climate change, how best to understand the government policies being pushed through? We spend the hour with Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Klein also discusses Barack Obama’s economic advisory team, whom she calls “Obama’s Chicago Boys”; why she’s suing the US government for spying on journalists like her; as well as her recent trip to China, where she says the government is building a high-tech police state with the help of US military contractors.


Asshole Republican-lover Mike Meehan puts up a billboard in Florida with the twin towers burning, saying "Don't vote for a Democrat".

New voter registration IQ test, you must answer these questions correctly or you aren't allowed to vote due to stupidity:

● On 9/11, who was the president?
● On 9/11, which party controlled the House?
● On 9/11, which party controlled the Senate?
● Which party exploits 9/11 for political purposes?
● Which party doesn't have even 1 black person in congress?

Earth to Mike: on 9/11 we had a Republican president, a Republican Senate, and a Republican House, 7 of 9 Republican Supreme Court Justices...the Republicans controlled everything! Then they trashed this country and it doesn't look like America anymore. They took over the "liberal media" and now it's the government's National Corporate Media. And gas is $4.00. And Bush is leaving office with all these disasters and 2 wars going on for 6 years, and maybe a war with Iran before he leaves. I think he's just saying, "Fuck it! I don't even care if Americans know I'm screwing them anymore!"

On his website, businessman (who else could afford a billboard?) Mike Meehan says he is a "man of God". In his video, he's on a John Deere tractor, has on a NASCAR hat, a "USA" t-shirt, and stops his tractor beneath a flag (probably made in China), and breaks into a modern eee-LECK-trick GEE-tar country song.

YEE-HAW!!! I'm a gonna vote ree-PUB-luh-kun!!! I dunt want a smart talkin' guy in duh White House, I want a dumb fuck like me in there!

"Just looking at it, I'm not thinking about Democrat or Republican, I'm thinking about the twin towers and all the people killed," resident Mary Anderson told Eyewitness News.

Bush administration officials could face war crimes charges:


"Muh fellow 'mericuns...duh oil 'n duh economy...'n bad buhcuz of duh Demmycrats...'n duh terrists."

Bush blames Democrats for oil, economy…fails to mention that Republicans controlled all branches of government from 2000->2006, the House from 1994->2006, the Senate from 1994->2006 (except for 2000), and the presidency from 2000->2008...oh, and 7 of 9 Supreme Court Justices were placed by Republican presidents.


The daily McCain "gaffe" from the Alzheimer's Express (it's daily, b/c he only speaks once a day; if he spoke hourly, well then it would be the hourly McCain "gaffe"; if he had cameras on him round the clock, then we'd have the funniest reality TV show in history): "Two gays only count as one parent, therefore they shouldn't be able to adopt"

People! This man cannot speak! He's like Bush! Picture Bush...but 71 years old! I'm serious! I think there's something wrong with him! The debates are going to be embarrassing!

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