Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Dan's Big News July 20, 2008

"You guys Shiites or Tsunami's??? Where am I???"

Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan: report

McCain adviser on Iraqi PM's Obama endorsement: 'We're fucked'

"Not with electronic voting machines, you're not 'fucked'!"

In Afghanistan, Obama visits troops and officials

Let me guess! This won't be in the Sunday papers tomorrow:

Nine House Republicans Vote for Impeachment Hearings. Passes 238-180, 10 Republicans Abstain. An unidentified government official of a U.S. ally wants to participate if and when Kucinich makes his case to impeach President Bush before the House Judiciary Committee.

The less voters, the in AmeriKKKa:

It was a procedure that produced a bumper crop of new voters:

Just before Santa Clara County immigrants were sworn in as U.S. citizens, they got voter-registration cards and were shown how to fill them out. At the conclusion of the naturalization ceremony, most new citizens had signed the cards and handed them in to become registered voters.

But in March, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services declared that the county registrar of voters must not hand out those cards until the recipients are officially citizens. And now voter registration has plunged by 82 percent.

County voter drive blocked

Ohio Attorney Files to Lift Stay on '04 Election Case, Cites Allegations, Evidence of Massive Fraud by a Number of GOP Operatives. Leading Data Security Expert Joins Press Conference, Case, Notes Fraudulent Patterns That Should Have Triggered Investigation. Motion to Proceed with Targeted Discovery in Case Explained as Effort to Help Protect Integrity of '08 Election...

Dr. Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Dies Uninsured, $400,000 in Debt


This story keeps getting more and more interconnected with other stories...all not being covered by the corporate-owned media ANBCBSNNX; this story is unbelievable:

The Republican political consultant who died in an apparent double murder-suicide in Florida on August 27, 2007, had several Alabama clients, including Attorney General Troy King. Troy King, Alabama attorney general and McCain's Alabama campaign chairman, was allegedly caught in bed with another his wife!!!

Troy King, Allegedly Outed McCain State Chairman, Was Client of Gay GOP Consultant Killed in Double-Murder Suicide Last Year

Another gay Republican who publicly spoke out against gays...another story not being covered by the National "liberal" corporate-owned media.

McCain’s Alabama Chairman Reportedly Outed - Attorney General Troy King Has a Record of Homophobic Rhetoric

McCain Campaign Quickly Scrubs Website of References to Its Allegedly Outed Alabama Campaign Chair

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