Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 26, 2010

Americans have had it with BOTH parties not protecting us from fascist corporations and putting US first!!! NO CHANGE under the Democrats...but don't think about going back to the Republicans - they just voted 100% all 41 Republican senators against extending unemployment to jobless Americans during the worst joblessness since the Great Depression!!! They said they're worried about the deficit and the unemployment bill would be $30 Billion dollars. $30 Billion dollars is TWELVE WEEKS IN IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN, AND THEY'RE NOT WORRIED ABOUT THAT!!! And don't think about getting in REAL liberal Democrats or REAL conservative Republicans on electronic voting machines that BOTH parties don't want to get rid of, even though they're proven hackable. That's how BOTH parties are accomplishing their "War on American". With the corrupted mainstream media (that's not liberal), the corrupted parties, and their way to keep it that way: electronic voting machines. Throw in a false flag once in a while like 9/11 to keep us all in place. Americans are getting fed up with BOTH parties. Don't fall for the CRAP that whatever party isn't in office will save you, if you put them back in power. That's part of the game, too.

Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?

What is the outcome when American people are afraid to be called "socialists" by the elites'/corporations'/war profiteers' megaphone network of mainstream media we're supposed to think is "liberal" and fascist media pigs like Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans whose goal is pure capitalist profits at the top at the expense of everything else...including safety and the American people? Your kids get soaked in oil on the beaches. Don't be afraid to speak up and say this, for fear of being labeled a "socialist" by the propaganda network:

Oil Soaks Child Swimming in Gulf

Noam Chomsky - the MYTH of the "liberal media" is the media themselves and their network of shills like Rush Limbaugh saying they're "liberal" so you think they're one else thinks they are:

BP CEO Says Oil Spill Isn't Their Fault (yeah, it ISN''s the fault of CAPITALISM!!! Which puts profits above all else, including safety and the 99% of people at the bottom who are swimming in oil!!! We do NOT have a system of governing in place in the United States that puts the American citizens before corporate profits.)


The SAME SHIT from Obama as we had with Bush. This Daily Show clip from 2007 could have been played YESTERDAY or in 2001 and you'd think it was current. Still "turning the corner", still spending $2.5 BILLION tax dollars a week on the wars, still "we've got Al Qaeda on the run", still killing civilians and our own soldiers for no reason:

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People elected Obama, because they were tired of Bush’s wars based on lies. So Obama gave us a new war in Pakistan and reignited the Afghan war. No one knows what these wars are about or why the bankrupt US government is wasting vast sums of money, which it has to borrow from foreigners, in order to murder the citizenry in two countries that have never done anything to us.

Somehow, this isn't funny anymore...

No change with the Bankster Bill, just "window dressing". Corporations OWN the U.S. government and BOTH parties. We are getting NO CHANGE from the Democrats. You want to go back to the Republicans? Think again, they're even worse. BOTH parties are bought out and corrupted:

Celente-The Game Is Over

WeAreChange and InfoWars Reporters Banned from Canada

Welcome ot KKKanada

Watch the REAL news, the ENTIRE Democracy NOW! from yesterday - not ANBCBSNNX - about the G20 summit in Canada:

New Harry Potter IV movie: "Harry Potter and the Fat Fucks"

More percussive finger style acoustic guitar...

Thomas Leeb - Desert Pirate

Now here is my daughter's boyfriend doing that same style, I hope he gets discovered. He just put these up on YouTube:

Jason Vo- Rival

Jason Vo- Farewell & Goodbye

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