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Big Dan's Big News June 30, 2010 - Slant Drilling Co Open For Business!!!


Will the Reckless Drillers just set up a slanted drill next to your property and take your gas out sideways, if you don't sign a lease?

Gas industry wants access to unleased property

NEPArtisan: Shale Tax Deal Reached in Return for Legalized Theft; Scarnati secured "forced pooling" compromise...

Republican Pa. state senator Scarnati got $105,000.00 from the Reckless Drillers; Tom Corbett got $361,207.00:

"The drillers have a clear favorite in the 2010 gubernatorial race, giving $360,000 to Tom Corbett which is six times as much as they gave to the next candidate on the list, Dan Onorato," Browning said.

Besides $361,207 to Corbett, Joe Scarnati, the leader of the Republican-controlled Senate, got $105,000. "

Pa. Republican state senator Scarnati and Republican Tom Corbett got huge contributions from the Reckless Drillers.

Well, here you have it: if you don't sign a Marcellus Shale lease, they want to take the gas out of your property whether you want them to or not. It's called "FORCED POOLING". Isn't that nice? It's a "key element" says David Spigelmyer, Chesapeake Energy's regional vice president for government relations. A "key element" - isn't that nice? It's not STEALING FROM YOU IF YOU DON'T SIGN A's a "key element" to them "moving forward" for the good of everyone*. (* everyone = The Reckless Drillers) See? So don't be a WHINER and someone who isn't a TEAM PLAYER and SHUT THE FUCK UP if you don't sign a lease and some guys from Texas and Oklahoma STEAL the gas from you anyway, because it's a "key element" to any legislation...that they get to STEAL your gas!!! If you don't play along, YOU are a RECKLESS LANDOWNER!!! Now, even though I heard them on the radio say when questioned about "eminent domain" that they would never do's in the proposed legislation to do just that. But they're not LYING about it!!! And what about this state senator that's going along with it? And about taxing them...TAX THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!! Tax them @ 25% or more! At least we'll get something out of it, because they're going to drill no matter what...thanks to our "government". But don't you know? It's a private/public venture!!! Look up the definition of fascism, as I've been saying's the blending of corporations and government. Socialism ain't lookin' so bad lately to's better than FASCISM!!! But then again, it's not's a "public/private venture" for the good of all, just like the kill switch of the internet for the president I posted yesterday. That was also a "public/private venture", as Joe Lieberman and the bi-partisan gang said. So don't be a WHINER about it!!! Slant Drilling Co. is open for business in NEPA!

Check out this bullshit from the article...THESE are the propaganda points which will be repeated over and over and over again...they're called "TALKING POINTS":

Pennsylvania has benefitted from increased drilling without a severance tax (bd: how??? how have I benefitted???), he said, but an unfair tax and recently introduced legislation to halt drilling in the state will deter development (bd: so what???).

"I've already seen where companies have walked away from joint venture opportunities to invest in Pennsylvania because of the mere inference of a moratorium," he said. (bd: BULLSHIT!!! no company is going to walk away from MILLIONS or BILLIONS of dollars of profit for ANY reason, including a tax. That statement is an insult to everyone's intelligence. You have to consider the arrogance of making a statement like that, a threat, a hollow threat. BULLSHIT! They will not walk away from drilling NO MATTER WHAT! That would be like saying, "We don't want to make any money".)

"It has the potential to, and I think it already has, limited capital investment in the commonwealth." (bd: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!)

After wrecking the town trying to steal their oil, the residents of Springfield call a town meeting on what to do about Mr. Burns from Slant Drilling Co. threatening to block out the sun from the residents of Springfield, if Springfield Elementary School doesn't give him the oil that was discovered under their school:

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "I noticed this prevalent talking point lately in any FASCIST endeavor: when it's FASCIST, they say it's a 'joint venture', or a 'public/private venture'. That's the tipoff that they're screwing us, when they say this. This phrase is being used prevalently on the local, state, nationwide and worldwide levels. With the local Marcellus Shale drilling, notice in the article I have above, that phrase again pops its head up...again. The implication when they use that phrase is that 'everyone is for it'. That's not true. The government and the company are the only ones for it. It's a 'joint venture' between THEM!!! Not US!!! If you look up the definition of FASCISM, it's the blending of government and corporations. So when they say it's a 'public/private venture', they mean it's a 'government/corporate venture', and that doesn't include US!!! So, they're telling us right to our faces now, when they do something FASCIST to us. Did you ever notice, when they say 'it's a public/private venture', the majority of people NOT in the government OR the company involved in the 'venture' are against it??? And it doesn't matter!!! They're telling us right in this article that they will STEAL the gas!!! Right to our faces!!! With the government backing THEM against US!!! And taxing them? The tax should be 50% or higher and Pennsylvania residents should get FREE health care, FREE eduction, and TAX REDUCTIONS out of it. The taxing of the Reckless Drillers should be based on how we tax casinos. We're sitting on a goldmine to benefit all Pennsylvanians. And we have Pennsylvania legislators blowing this opportunity...well, not 'blowing' it, but getting kickbacks from the Reckless Drillers to purposely blow this opportunity. Are there any Pennsylvania legislators on the peoples' side to take advantage of heavily taxing them for OUR benefit???"

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