Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 27, 2010

HAIL - The Return of the Sun

Longer than WWII, $2.5 BILLION U.S. tax dollars a week spent out of your paycheck for around a decade, "turning the corner" for 10 years, "we've got Al Qaeda on the run"...for 10 years...THE WARS ARE BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY, AND THE REPUBLICANS JUST 100% BLOCKED UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION FOR U.S. CITIZENS!!!!!! Their excuse was $30 billion was too much, but that's what we've been spending EVERY 12 WEEKS for almost a decade on the wars!!! It's endless war for profit, they're stealing our money for 10 years, most of YOUR tax money going to private contractors!!!

Government agent provocateurs present at Toronto G-20:

G20 Provocateurs, Veitch Arrested, Austerity for All - Sunday Update...virtually ZERO corporate owned mainstream media coverage. You know why there's virtually ZERO coverage? Because they don't want to show you how the elites really running the world treat average people: tazing them, throwing them in jail, taking away their freedom of speech, taking away their freedom to peacefully assemble. That's why they hire agent provocateurs, so they have an excuse to do this...then they get the mainstream media they OWN that's not liberal to ONLY FILM THEIR AGENT PROVOCATEURS. I'm sure they have plans to suppress the only place that's reporting this: the internet. Did you notice BOTH parties were recently "OK" with giving president Obama "the switch" to shut down the internet, with Zionist shill Joe Lieberman on TV promoting it???

Agent Provocateur Riots Commence in London at G20

Denver Post: agent provocateurs were at DNC protest.

G20 Toronto -- Provocateurs, Metal Cages and the Global Elite

Something you'd never hear on the Israeli-occupied U.S. media like Rush Limbaugh & Mike Savage - George Galloway smacks down an uninformed pro-Israeli caller:

New York Times reporter Deborah Solomon, referring to early Israeli terrorism: "It was a more romantic era." Arabs are "Al Qaeda terrorists"; Israelis are "romantic freedom fighters" - NYTimes & Israeli-occupied U.S. media's double-standard propaganda.

Israeli-occupied U.S. media: New York Times reporter calls Zionist terrorism ‘romantic’

NYT describes Jewish terrorism as ‘romantic’

The "romantic" bombing of the King David hotel by the romantic Israeli freedom fighters.

New York Times Reporter On Zionist Terrorism: ‘It Was A More Romantic Era’

Report: Israel seizes oxygen machines donated to PA

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