Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 17, 2010

There appears to be a YouTube PLAYLIST problem...
There appears to be a YouTube problem which began today: YouTube shows that you have only 30 playlists, even if you have more. I went to report this problem, and noticed MANY other users reporting the exact same problem beginning today.

The hitch is: you still see ALL your playlists in the box when you go to "create a new playlist" - they're all still there. So they are not missing, it's some coding problem under "my videos/playlist".

More on this later...if they ever fix the problem.............


Special commentary by Big Dan: "I said this many times before, and I'm saying it again: I DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE FOR COMPUTERS!!! Message to bill collectors, census bureau, ANYTHING: I wait until I hear a HUMAN on the answering machine...THEN I pick up the phone. AGAIN: I DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE FOR COMPUTERS!!! I do NOT call back computers. If a computer says to call back a number because it's 'urgent', I do NOT call back the number. If you are a company, government agency, bill collector, student loan company...and you want something from me and you programmed a COMPUTER to call me and were too CHEAP to hire a HUMAN BEING, I'm not answering OR calling you back!!! should be ILLEGAL for anyone to program a computer to call you...that is HARRASSMENT!!!"

Did the electronic voting machine hackers go to far in the Alvin Green case? Will this blow the lid off how elections are "controlled" by e-vote machines???

'Arti-factual' Election Results in SC; And a Brief History of Recent ES&S E-Vote Failure in Advance of Thursday's Democratic Primary Protest Hearing - JUST IN: Protest hearing to be streamed LIVE Thursday @ 3pm ET...

'Luddite' at Computer Mag 'Network World' Decries E-Voting in SC, Calls for Paper, Pencil Elections

Vic Rawl: ‘Systemic’ failures in South Carolina voting systems

ACLU asks South Carolina: Don’t erase voting machine records

NPR: S.C. Democrats To Deliberate Mystery Nominee's Fate


"To those of us outside the real inside loop, yet still fairly knowledgeable, [the failure of Top Kill] was a major confirmation of what many feared. That the system below the sea floor has serious failures of varying magnitude in the complicated chain, and it is breaking down and it will continue to."

BP chief apologizes for "small people" remark

Pat’s climate change policy: more drilling, no regulation

Top GOP Politicians Defend BP!

WHITE Cop Punches BLACK Woman In The Face while stopping her for jaywalking in Seattle

My opinion: a strong male cop could have subdued a GIRL without punching her in the FACE. Do cops go around subduing GIRLS by punching them in the face? No! I never heard of it before. This cop has "issues". Yes, she pushed the cop. No, he shouldn't have punched her in the face. Getting arrested for jaywalking, though? What's going on in Seattle? And a GIRL gets punched in the face by a cop for jaywalking? The strong male cop could easily have grabbed her arms and cuffed her without punching her in the face, in my opinion. Now the racism angle: how come before I saw the video, I said to myself: "I BET THE COP WAS WHITE, AND THE GIRL WAS BLACK"...AND I WAS SADLY CORRECT? Why is that? So, I took it upon myself to put "WHITE" and "BLACK" in the title of the video, because that's what the title should be. Let's stop the BULLSHIT about sidestepping talking about RACISM of WHITE cops towards BLACKS!!! IF I SAY TO MYSELF, BEFORE EVEN SEEING THE VIDEO, "I BET THE COP WAS WHITE AND THE GIRL WAS BLACK" - and I'm correct 100% of the time when I do this...THEN IT'S RACISM!!!!! THE DAY I AM WRONG WHEN I GUESS THAT THE COP IS WHITE AND THE OTHER PERSON IS BLACK, THEN YOU CAN SAY I AM PLAYING THE RACE CARD!!!!!!

SDRs and World Currency - Bob Chapman on Economics 101 - International Forecaster Bob Chapman discusses the IMF-administered Special Drawing Rights and the possibility of a world currency on this edition of Economics 101.

Leftwing radio show host Thom Hartmann analyzes Obama's speech

GritTV: 56 days into the BP oil spill, Obama finally addresses everyone: Ed Pilkington: Pensions, Petroleum, Palin

Smuggled video shows Israeli snipers aiming, firing at Gaza Flotilla activists

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Owner Erik Prince's Rumored Move to UAE

Your CIA @ work:

Is Blackwater chief Erik Prince fleeing to the United Arab Emirates? The embattled mercenary firm, which went up for sale last week, has been hit by a slew of legal charges lately: Five of Prince’s top deputies, including his second-in-command, were indicted by a federal grand jury in April for conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice. Although Prince was not named in the indictment, several sources speculate to The Nation that he is moving to the UAE because the Mideastern nation has no extradition treaty with the U.S.—meaning he could not be shipped back to the U.S. if he is charged with any crimes. The UAE, made of seven states, the most famous of which are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is also a major hub for the U.S. war industry.

Is Blackwater's Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?

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