Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 21, 2010

WILK FOX "news" Jr's big screw-up: "Webster"

Heckuva job, "Webster" and WILK!!!!!!!

Our local talk radio station WILK, which I call FOX "news" Jr because it fields no voices from the left in their entire lineup and has news characters such as Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage, recently fired their only host who was a notch left of center, but not a liberal. They replaced him with a classic rock DJ from another channel named "Webster". The former co-host of the morning show had just won an award right before he was fired. Northeast Pa. is a heavily Democratic area, and I cannot see how WILK can exist with their right-wing lineup. If WILK's mission was to field a complete 24x7 lineup of right-wingers and alienate listeners left of center, then Mission: Accomplished! So, this week, WILK's morning political show has gone down to this level: their hosts are a classic rock DJ "Webster" and a sports announcer Joe Thomas, both whom lean unabashedly to the right...and are, like I said, a classic rock DJ and a sports announcer. That is a screw-up of the highest order. The ONLY problem I have with WILK, and it's the same with FOX "news", is that they don't admit they are a GOP operation. This is an insult to everyone's intelligence. When you field a 24x7 lineup of rightwing hosts, that's a "PLAN" by their owner Entercom, it's not an accident. It's not an accident to have ZERO voices from the left on a talk radio channel. I wish they'd publicly admit this, but don't hold your breath. Let me put it to you straight: "Webster" STINKS ON ICE as a political radio show host. WILK screwed up. They have to live with it now to save face. They now talk about beer and sports from 6am to 9am, which they are experts at, and briefly delve into politics at an amateurish and embarrassing level. If you are a Republican who likes beer and sports, WILK FOX "news" Jr is your channel for continual bashing of Democrats, total ignorance of liberals, and ZERO accountability and a lot of apologies for Republicans. Maybe "Webster" should start spinning some old Led Zeppelin and Who songs, push the beer and sports even more, and do less might go over better. Better yet, they could get some good use out of using his forehead for advertising space. (I put "Webster" in quotes, because that's not his real name)

"Webster" needs a permanent rest.......

Give it to me straight...OK, you STINK!!!!!!!!!! "Webster" is Johnny O'Connor:

A BP document has revealed the company estimated that 100,000 barrels of oil a day could, in theory, flow from the ruptured Gulf of Mexico well.

Internal BP document claims Gulf oil gusher jetting up to 100,000 barrels per day

Gulf oil spill puts industry-friendly Republicans in tight spot

A Day in the Gulf by Cindy Sheehan

Right-Wingers Hate Government But Love Gov’t Help

Texan Republican Joe Barton says it's a "shame" and a "tragedy"...not the oil spill, but getting $20 Billion for Americans affected by the oil spill:

Max Keiser on Oil Spill: Rewarding Eco-Terror

More Republicans (Michele Bachmann) siding with BP against the American people, even friggin' Bill O'Reilly is on our side, for Christ's sake!!! This is the first time I've even put Bill O'Reilly on my blog!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unsecure, hackable, and unrecountable democracy: electronic voting machines:

Alabama Officials Investigate Possible Improper Access, Tampering Into ES&S Voting System

Clint Curtis testified in front of congress that he wrote a program to hack electronic voting machines.

Hacking Democracy:

Lord Vader would be proud..........

Newlywed couple: Officer blocked us from ER during bride's stroke

'Cops' Run Amok, Suppress Video Tapes of Police Abuse

Olbermann split's with CIA's DailyKOS:

Daily Kos Eating Itself Over Keith Olbermann’s Departure

See more about KOS-CIA connection in THIS post.

70 reasons to doubt...DISTURBING FACTS ABOUT THE 9/11 ATTACKS

Why Appalachia Hates Feds

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