Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 19, 2010

The British Petroleum Jelly shakedown by the GOP and rightwing media..........

WTF Commentary by Big Dan: "It is OUTRAGEOUS, how the Republican Party and rightwing media is apologizing and siding with BP! Republican voters should be in an UPROAR over how their party and media is blatantly doing this day after day after day: Joe Barton, Dick Armey, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham...if YOU are an American and a Republican voter, YOU should be saying something about this...NOT ME!!! I, personally, can't believe voters on the right aren't vocally chastising their political and media leaders' pro-BP drumbeat, I think it's OFF THE CHARTS. And any Republican voter who is IGNORING this is just as bad as THEY are. This is not party politics, it's calling these people TRAITORS, which is what they are. Look in the mirror: are YOU ignoring this because you're a KOOL-AID drinker ignoring this because it's 'YOUR GUYS' doing it? That's why we have all these problems: Democrat Kool-Aid drinkers ignoring when 'THEIR GUYS' do this, and Republican Kook-Aid drinkers ignoring it when their guys do it!!! This is nothing short of traitorous, what the GOP and rightwing media are saying. To put it in a way George Bush would say: YOU'RE EITHER WITH BP, OR THE AMERICAN VICTIMS OF THE OIL SPILL!!! And if you're with BP, YOU'RE A TRAITOR TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! I have ZERO sympathy for BP, and 100% sympathy for the American victims of BP. Locally, we have the Marcellus Shale drilling going on. Are you going to side with the 'Reckless Drillers', if they contaminate your water? Are you going to ask Rush Limbaugh to RUSH to their defense, and say there's a shakedown going on??? Obviously, ALL of these people are getting money from BIG OIL to say these things. It's like Nazi Germany's 'Ministry of Propaganda, it's unbelievable. They all WHINED about the bailouts, now when we're actually GETTING MONEY, they call it a 'SHAKEDOWN'. If YOU are a Republican voter and you are IGNORING this, then YOU are a Kool-Aid drinker who puts the GOP and rightwing media before America as a whole, and you probably think the rest of us aren't Americans. Do you like getting SCREWED UP THE long as it's 'your guys' doing it? Well then, BEND OVER and let Rush Limbaugh and the GOP apply some BRITISH PETROLEUM JELLY to your ass and start apologizing to BP...... WTF???????"

Idiot America:

Here's how many barrels a day are spilling into the Gulf:

Hold your breath. Your life may depend on it, by Chris Landau

BP Claims Response: WELL PLAYED, BP!!! You win this round...using black people, native American Indians, and Captain Ahabs with eye patches for your TV promo videos...there's a black guy working for BP??? I knew blacks were to blame!!! And all the while, I thought it was these pompous English assholes with flushed red cheeks!!! For their next trick, BP is going to have a bunch of black guys in front of congress saying they were running BP the whole time.........put an American face (African) on the problem.......

JOE BARTON: Apologizes to BP, English Soccer Team & King George III

Tea Party Nation Head Ups Barton’s ‘Shakedown,’ Calls BP’s $20 Bil Gulf Victims’ Fund ‘Extortion’

Make no mistake about it - the Republican Party and rightwing media are siding with BP, against the American people: Joe Barton, the Texas Republican congressman who apologized to BP, worked for...wait for it...THE OIL INDUSTRY...specifically, he worked for ARCO which is part of BP. Dick Armey, the head of Freedom Works, who help finance the Tea Party Express, is also a BP sympathizer:

Criminal Negligence: Despite Knowing It Had a Damaged Blowout Preventer, BP STILL Cut Corners By Removing the Single Most Important Safety Measure

Former MI6 agent says the BP disaster was a contrived event

Was the gulf oil spill an inside job???

From my friend plunger:

A Conspiracy So Vast, No One Dare Discuss It

Rush Limbaugh: Kids Should Dumpster Dive For Food

If Army Ads Had Health Warnings

Very damaging to Obama: (Ed Show): Ed, Iraq War vet, and the American Left want Obama to keep his campaign promise of stopping the wars:

JFK's Secret Societies' Speech: now you know why he got guys from secret societies -

Seriously folks, it's time for a big cat to punch a kitten with a tiny top hat on.....

...but schmeeriously folks, it's CAT MACHINE GUN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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