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Big Dan's Big News June 12, 2010

WHO is Alvin Greene???

"Democrat" Alvin Greene suspected of being a Republican plant in South Carolina:

Nobody in the South Carolina Democratic Party had ever heard of Alvin Greene, the jobless candidate for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, before he reportedly defeated state legislator Vic Rawl last Tuesday. That, despite the jobless candidate's lack of actual campaigning, campaign website, or even spending any money on a campaign as far as anyone can tell. And there remain questions at this hour, as to where he even came up with the $10,400 filing fee to get on the ballot in the first place.

'Experts' Eye 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System in 'Win' of SC's Mystery U.S. Senate Nominee - 'Staggering' disparities seen between Alvin Greene's Election Day touch-screen results and paper-based absentee vote. Will corporate MSM have courage to 'go there'?...

UPDATE: More Statisticians Focus on 'Tampering, Malfunction' of E-Vote System in SC Primary - 'Something smells here,' finds, suggesting possibility of 'very devious manipulation' of voting machines or tabulators...

Politico: Experts review S.C. Senate ballots

Politico: Greene may be GOP plant

Clyburn's Dem Challenger Denies He's A 'Plant' -- But Hired GOP Rep.'s Aide

Something Fishy in South Carolina?

SC Democratic Primary Getting Weirder By The Hour

Clyburn Alleges Conspiracy To Plant Candidates In Three Dem Primaries In S.C.

Greene handily defeated opponent Vic Rawls in Tuesday's primary, winning with 59 percent of the vote to Rawls' 41 percent, despite not having run any sort of visible campaign, not having set up a campaign Web site, and being unemployed. And it quickly emerged that Greene is facing a felony obscenity charge over an incident in which he allegedly showed a college student obscene photos from the Internet.

The Alvin Greene interviews: even FOX "news" say they "smell a rat":

This is OFF THE CHARTS - Keith Olbermann interviews "Democrat" Alvin Greene:

Alvin Greene received more VOTES than VOTES CAST in 25 precincts:

Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "The BP oil spill: I don't buy it, that in 2010 we cannot stop an oil spill. But let's says it's on the up and up and we cannot stop it. That means humans are engaged in uncontrollable things we cannot stop. What else are we engaged in like that? Marcellus Shale drilling? Nuclear energy? Nuclear weapons? Wars??? When people like ME always say we shouldn't be doing dangerous things like that, we are made fun of by the likes of propagandists like Rush Limbaugh and FOX 'news'. That's their job. They have the microphone for corporations, the military, and the richest people in the world...ALL ruining the world while we stand by and let them do it."

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR

Don't Believe ANY Promises The Oil Company Or Government Makes To You! Exxon Valdez Survivors...PLUS other BP videos...

Chamber Of Commerce Says Taxpayers Should Help Pay For BP Spill Cleanup; GOP Leader Agrees, Then Recants

RFK, Jr. Discusses Health Effects of Oil Spill

Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson on the Inside Story of How Obama Let the World’s Most Dangerous Oil Company Get Away with Murder

Sand art: An artist leaves a message on the beach sand on the south side of Long Island, New York. - Gotta be protectin' what we got left: It is the (sad faced) globe (world) cradling the wildlife (wales, dolphins, fish, and birds) in its arms to save and protect them from the likes of robber baron fascist hyper capitalists such as British Petroleum.

Mine Workers Union and Families Sue to Open Federal Probe into Deadly Massey Coal Mine Explosion

The relationship between the media and the military:

Pentagon Pundits

Pentagon Pundits in the "news" without your knowledge.

Body of Lies: The CIA's involvement with US film-making

Look what we caused: Dozens of Iraqi refugees currently living in the Netherlands, Britain, Norway and Sweden are being forced to return to Iraq. On this episode of Inside Story, we ask: Are those EU countries in breach of guidelines set by the United Nation's High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and is there a possibility that Iraq's immediate neighbours could follow suit?

More proof that the U.S. media and government is Israeli-occupied territory - Jewish Dem Senator says Palestinians should be economically strangled by the Israelis...will Chuck Schumer get fired for saying what he says here like Helen Thomas did? No, because he said something pro-Israeli, you only get fired when you say something pro-Palestinian in USrael:

Oliver Stone begs to differ with Bill Maher on Israel:

U.S.A. turning into 3rd world country: debtors' prisons alive and well:

In jail for being in debt

Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock 1969) Incredible drum solo by 20 yr old boy! Michael Shrieve

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