Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 5, 2010

The Reckless Drillers - As everyone predicted, there was a gas well blowout in Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania. More to come...then when they wreck the area like BP did to the gulf, they'll say they were sorry. Safety is of no concern, when profits are to be made.

Penfield well blowout under control. The gas never caught fire and no injuries were reported at well site.

Gas Well Blowout Under Control In Clearfield County

Let's start prosecuting BP:

US attendees at ‘world government’ meeting may be breaking law: activists

What are the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain? Security is so tight at the annual cabal of the world's elite that conspiracy theories about what is discussed – and who's invited – are rife

Conspiracy of Silence: Who are the Bilderberg Group?

The War Lovers: why our "leaders" get us into war -

AIPAC: We’ll take over Cal’s student government... That's how we operate in our nation’s capitol

Here’s the money quote from Jonathan Kessler, made to student leaders drawn fom 370 campuses, including representatives from all 50 states:
How are we going to beat back the anti-Israel divestment resolution at Berkeley? We’re going to make certain that pro-Israel students take over the student government and reverse the vote. That is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol. This is how AIPAC must operate on our nation’s campuses.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee cultivates the next generation of pro-Israel student leaders.

Max Blumenthal’s Excellent Analysis of Israeli Attack

The Flotilla Raid Was Not “Bungled.” The IDF Detailed Its Violent Strategy In Advance.

How Israel planned Flotilla attack

Autopsy shows Gaza activists were shot a total of 30 times

Kucinich calls for independent probe of Israeli raid

A chief lesson to learn from President Barack Obama’s recent unwillingness to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Lobby is that such timidity can get people killed.

Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault

Norman Finkelstein & Huwaida Arraf: Israel’s Attack

Israelis board another humanitarian aid boat bound for Gaza - The Rachel Corrie:

Do you know why the name of the boat is "The Rachel Corrie"??? Never forget Rachel Corrie:

George Galloway: Was Jesus a Palestinian???

Helen Thomas To Israelis "GET THE HELL OUT OF PALESTINE!"

Notice how the SHILLS on FOX "news" cut her down, for being correct and speaking the truth...they say that she wants the Jews to go home, but don't mention that the land in question is the Palestinians' land she wants them to get out of...FOX "news" plays the "Jew card" to trash Helen Thomas...this is like the "Hitler card", the "Nazi card", the "Holocaust card", and all the rest of the cards used to smear people for speaking the truth:

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