Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Dan's Big News June 9, 2010

Colbert shows Obama how to rough up the head of BP:

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Oil's Well That Never Ends
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Witness Overhears Deepwater Manager: 'The Rig's On Fire! I Told You This Was Gonna Happen!'

How George Bush, Joe Barton, Dick Cheney and Tom DeLay Caused the Gulf Oil Spill and Made Sure BP Will Never Be Held Accountable

Unabashedly pro-oil policies and permissive regulatory environment created during the Bush administration set the stage for Cheney’s Katrina—the BP oil catastrophe.

Flashback: Cheney's secret energy meetings.

FLASHBACK: Bush administration's subversion of the EPA (Interactive): See an exclusive video interview with Stephen L. Johnson, interactive graphics, and background materials.

FLASHBACK: MMS - Probe Uncovers Oil Industry-Linked Bribery, Sex, Drug Abuse at Interior Dept.

The ties that bind. Remember Rahm Emanuel's rent-free D.C. apartment? The owner: A BP adviser

In apparent lie, BP continues to deny existence of huge oil plumes

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EXCELLENT SLIDESHOW: Gulf disaster in pictures.

BP knows the flow rate of the oil

To determine the flow rate of the oil, you need to know three things:

(1) The velocity of the material coming out of the BOP

(2) The ratio of gas to oil

(3) The diameter of the exit orifice

BP very likely measured (1) when the riser was removed, creating a single leak atop the BOP, where a flow sensor could have been positioned. The gas/oil ratio (2) has been determined on the surface by the flaring and oil capture processing operation. The BOP pipe diameter (3) has been known from the start.

Thus one can conclude that BP is suppressing accurate information about the magnitude of oil leakage into the GOM in order to protect its profitability and institutional survival. This behavior is contrary to the public interest, and the refusal of the Obama administration to demand this information confirms that corporations dominate our society, both on Wall Street and in the energy sector.

The most important information has been suppressed

Massey mine protest:

Most Freedom Flotilla survivors describe how Israeli Defense Force treated the activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla as an appalling act of piracy, but if one gets their news from the mass media, like many Americans, they would think otherwise. The Israeli PR machine has done everything possible to portray themselves as the victims of an attack by activists armed with ?clubs? and ?knives;? however, secret video chips have circulated images of activists using their Gaza-bound humanitarian aid to administer medical assistance to Israeli commandos wounded by their own aggressive assault. Despite what may seem obvious about a battle on the high seas pitting Israeli commandos against weaponless activists, the Israeli PR machine is destroying activsts? cameras and recording equipment in order to manipulate the events in their favor. Retired U.S Military Colonel and U.S. State Department Official, now anti-war activist and Freedom Flotilla survivor Ann Wright joins us in studio to give us a first hand account of what really happened during the Freedom Flotilla raid.

Kidnapped by Israel and Abandoned by Britain

How come this entire time, no one told us Orly Taitz was from Israel???

Funny it comes out now, that birther queen Orly Taitz is from Israel and backed by Israeli groups!!!

In Defense of Helen Thomas

Convoy Guards in Afghanistan Face an Inquiry

Mexico asks for probe into teen's shooting death by U.S. border agent. The teen's death was the second at the hands of U.S. border authorities in less than two weeks.

She was looking to marry a fat, lying, bald drug addict with a HUGE head...who happens to be filthy rich.

Rage Against The Machine "Testify"

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