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Big Dan's Big News June 22, 2010

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "If we're going to let the Reckless Drillers proceed drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, Pa. should benefit economically from it. There should be a HUGE tax on the Reckless Drillers to benefit the state. I heard somewhere that 10% would be high. I think it should be as high as possible. The Reckless Drillers are going to drill no matter how high the tax is, so it should be as high as possible. A few people shouldn't benefit from it, the entire state should benefit from it. Casinos are taxed to benefit taxpayers, landfills are taxed to benefit taxpayers, so Reckless Drilling should be taxed to alleviate the debt of Pennsylvania. Right now, to alleviate Pa. debt, I'm hearing things proposed such as making our Interstate Highways into toll roads. If Pennsylvania is the "new Saudi Arabia" like we're hearing, Pennsylvania should have ZERO taxes after we tax the Reckless Drillers, ZERO education costs, and ZERO health care costs. In the coal mining heyday of Northeastern Pennsylvania, there wasn't mass instant communication to convey the knowledge to the people that the Reckless Diggers would strip the land of its riches and leave the people to deal with the barren land. Now we live in the age of the internet and we instantly know what the Reckless Drillers are doing. So what are we going to do about it???"

Beyond Petroleum (Chief Oren speaks)

This is off the charts audacity: while the oil spill is going on, the head of BP goes Yacht Racing! And the GOP and rightwing media line up on the side of BP and against the American people:

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Note: the hypocrites are out - we have the GOP and rightwing media saying that BP had "no due process". When ACORN was setup with an edited hoax video, the GOP, rightwing media, mainstream media, AND the Democrats tried and convicted ACORN with "no due process". When ACORN actually GOT due process, the courts found the video was "highly edited to meet an agenda" and all charges against ACORN were thrown out. In the meantime, due to all the heat from the hoax video and "no due process", ACORN disbanded.

Joe Barton apologizes for his apology: Joe Barton's misconstrued misconstruction: the BP Shakedown - BP didn't get "due process":

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Well, GasLand the movie premiered on HBO, so you knew a bunch of websites would sprout up "debunking" the movie. How much ya wanna bet they're financed by the Reckless Drillers??? Here's one of them:

DEBUNKING GasLand THE MOVIE (brought to you by the Reckless Drillers???)

The maker of GasLand, John Fox, debunks the GasLand debunkers, and let's you know who's financing the debunking GasLand websites:

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Rush Limbaugh praises Texas Republican Joe Barton's apology to BP:

Rush Limbaugh Quotes - The Dumbest Things Rush Limbaugh Has Ever Said

J.D. Hayworth Wants YOU To Get Gov't Money - AZ-SEN Nominee J.D. Hayworth Stars In Govt Grant Infomercial

Progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann argues with ACRU head Peter Ferrara (American Civil Rights Union, the rightwing's answer to the ACLU):

Confederacy News - Texas Trying To Ban Oral Sex?

The Meaning of "Austerity"

..."Austerity" is one of those Orwellian terms that has been injected into our political discourse precisely because it is a nice-sounding word for a very painful reality. "Austerity" implies discipline, self-restraint, even nobility. "Austerity" is prudent. "Austerity" is modest. "Austerity" is a virtue. It is an end in itself.

If the IMF or the European Central Bank come to the people of a collapsing European nation and tell them to sacrifice their pensions and their savings and their very standard of living all for a debt that their government has fraudulently racked up in their name, no one would go for it, and rightly so.

But tell those same people that they need to implement "austerity measures" in order to "get back on their feet" economically, and many will be willing to live in the harshest of conditions, content to put up with the dismantling of their nation itself in the vain hope that by giving more power to the international financial institutions they can somehow avoid economic collapse...

John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Escape the Freedom Fence (TORONTO)

Procol Harum-Whiskey Train/Piggy Pig Pig

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