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Big Dan's Big News June 14, 2010

Special commentary by Big Dan: "I just don't want you to read the REAL news I post, I want you to realize the corporate owned mainstream media is not 'liberal', like we're brainwashed into thinking. It has been usurped, and you have to get the REAL news from the internet. Just look at these stories I post, and ask yourself why they are not on TV, radio, or in print. The mainstream media is OWNED and RUN by and SERVES: corporations, the wealthiest few, and the military. It is essential that you realize this. I found this out. I am trying to FIND REAL NEWS for you, that they're not telling you."

Lindsey Williams: Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill will KILL HUMANS...don't worry about the oil as much as the LEAKING GASES!!! BLOCKBUSTER!!!

May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams

I've posted this here on BDBB many times, here is Lyndsey Williams...waaaaaaaaay before the BP oil spill, telling the truth about oil companies:

If there is one small silver lining in the oil dense cloud that is consuming the Gulf Coast it is that the politicians who are owned by big oil are being exposed. On CBS’ Face The Nation today, Gov. Haley Barbour continued to downplay the oil spill and blame the media, without disclosing that oil and gas companies have given $1.8 million to his gubernatorial campaigns.

Gulf oil spill: Alabama beaches hit hard, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach (pictures, videos)

Oil And Gas Leaks From Cracks In Seabed Confirmed – Videos Show Gulf Oil Spill Leaking From Seafloor

ROV films oil leak coming from rock cracks on seafloor.

Now I know why we're in Afghanistan longer than WWII:

Afghanistan's 'Vast Riches Of Minerals' Highlighted By Pentagon

Tea Party Leaders Believe Israel

Israeli Disinformation Challenged: New Smuggled Clip Shows IDF Commandos Kicking and Apparently Shooting Victim

Israeli's MURDER U.S. citizen, video below smuggled off flotilla...Israeli-occupied U.S. government and media say nothing about fact, they APOLOGIZE for Israel:

Brian Becker Rips Israel’s Murderous Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla from William Hughes on Vimeo.


Obama's Record-Setting Leak Prosecutions

The MYTH of the "liberal media":

Will Americans passively accept the slow death of debt slavery?

The latest On The Edge with Max Keiser:

Special commentary II by Big Dan: "I'm reposting ALL of this Alvin Greene fiasco I posted a few days ago, followed by the movie "Hacking Democracy", about how electronic voting machines are unverifiable, hackable, and proven in court to be easily manipulated. We have no democracy as long as we have electronic voting machines. And the media doesn't say a word about it. This Alvin Greene case may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, as far as blowing it wide open how our democracy is a SHAM with electronic voting machines."

WHO is Alvin Greene???

"Democrat" Alvin Greene suspected of being a Republican plant in South Carolina:

Nobody in the South Carolina Democratic Party had ever heard of Alvin Greene, the jobless candidate for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, before he reportedly defeated state legislator Vic Rawl last Tuesday. That, despite the jobless candidate's lack of actual campaigning, campaign website, or even spending any money on a campaign as far as anyone can tell. And there remain questions at this hour, as to where he even came up with the $10,400 filing fee to get on the ballot in the first place.

'Experts' Eye 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System in 'Win' of SC's Mystery U.S. Senate Nominee - 'Staggering' disparities seen between Alvin Greene's Election Day touch-screen results and paper-based absentee vote. Will corporate MSM have courage to 'go there'?...

UPDATE: More Statisticians Focus on 'Tampering, Malfunction' of E-Vote System in SC Primary - 'Something smells here,' finds, suggesting possibility of 'very devious manipulation' of voting machines or tabulators...

Politico: Experts review S.C. Senate ballots

Politico: Greene may be GOP plant

Clyburn's Dem Challenger Denies He's A 'Plant' -- But Hired GOP Rep.'s Aide

Something Fishy in South Carolina?

SC Democratic Primary Getting Weirder By The Hour

Clyburn Alleges Conspiracy To Plant Candidates In Three Dem Primaries In S.C.

Greene handily defeated opponent Vic Rawls in Tuesday's primary, winning with 59 percent of the vote to Rawls' 41 percent, despite not having run any sort of visible campaign, not having set up a campaign Web site, and being unemployed. And it quickly emerged that Greene is facing a felony obscenity charge over an incident in which he allegedly showed a college student obscene photos from the Internet.

Vic Rawl Files Protest Over Alvin Greene's Victory in S.C. Senate Race

The Alvin Greene interviews: even FOX "news" say they "smell a rat":

This is OFF THE CHARTS - Keith Olbermann interviews "Democrat" Alvin Greene:

Alvin Greene received more VOTES than VOTES CAST in 25 precincts:

Hacking Democracy

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