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Big Dan's Big News May 8, 2010

Funny how everything seems to point to WILK FOX "news" Jr.'s FAKE liberal Steve Corbett being a shill for the GOP...

He's almost there with the suit 'n tie...lose the ponytail and "liberal" Steve Corbett is a Republican!

Special Commentary by Big Dan: Yesterday I wrote a special commentary asking if FOX "news" Jr. WILK's FAKE liberal Steve Corbett is being paid by the Republican Party to exclusively attack Democrats or does he just do it for FREE...and my friend Sherlock points out to me that I somehow missed these fireworks: an Electric City columnist named Rube Lomax wrote that there was a rumor that "liberal" Steve Corbett was shilling for a job from....wait for it...brace yourself....grab onto your flotation device....FOX "news"!!! How did I miss that one???

Rube Lomax says:
Which reminds me: the local rumor mill is grinding that Scranton carpetbagger and WILK whiner Steve Corbett is trying hard to latch his wannabe star on a nationally syndicated FOX radio show through his worship of all things Sara Palin. Allegedly, he’s working to impress Greta Van Sustern via her husband John P. Coale, who worked locally on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Corbett became acquainted with Coale through the Rodham brothers (his good buddies and Hillary’s wearisome siblings) which is why he’s now got his sights on a national show, hence his lips on the derriere of all things Palin-related.

Perhaps he and Caribou Barbie could team up together. Now that would make for some good talk radio!


It seems that everything points to Steve Corbett being some kind of a LIBERAL FAKESTER!!! He continually says on the air that he voted for McCain/Palin, he exclusively attacks Democrats and never attacks Republicans, and now I find out he is accused of trying for a job at FOX "news" (which is a GOP operation, which I accuse WILK of...btw...). Corbett says that isn't true, that he was trying for a job at FOX "news".

Let's take a look at what Corbett says in his defense column:

I hope you don’t believe what appears in the Lomax column (bd: I ABSOLUTELY believe it!!!) – including the alleged writer’s incorrect spelling of Sarah Palin’s first name and Greta Van Susteren’s last name. (bd: Later on, Corbett says "I BEEN SOMEPLACE"...I'll point that out later...)

If you do believe what the newspapers published both in print and online, you might wonder if I’ve been lying to you (bd: YES, I think you're lying to us) as I repeatedly stressed my commitment to WILK and Northeastern Pennsylvania since moving “home” (bd: I'm glad you put "home" in italics) a little more than three years ago.

If that demon seed planted in your brain takes root, my credibility is damaged. (bd: YES, it is!!!)

Your trust in me is undermined. (bd: ABSOLUTELY!!!)

The reputation for honesty that I work very hard to maintain is impugned. (bd: You speak the truth!!!)

But some people likely will believe what they read. (bd: In this case, YES, I do.)

And for that I’m very sorry. (bd: Oh, don't be sorry, Steve. I've been saying your a shill for quite some time myself.)

Back in 2006, when I was living in California (bd: If you "love" NEPA so much and it's your "home"...why were you living in California...DUDE???) and contemplating moving back to Northeastern Pennsylvania (bd: You mean "home", don't you???) , I spoke with two newspaper executives who wanted me to consider working for them in Boulder, Colorado.(bd: Were the newspaper executives from FOX "news"? Just wonderin'...)  They told me how nice Boulder was and how my lifestyle and politics would fit in. (bd: Like the guys who asked you to go to California told you how nice California was?) They painted Boulder as a dream destination, which, for many people is absolutely true. (bd: Your dream destination was California. But it's not like "hard coal country", Steve...OOPS!!! I have to drink a shot whenever Corbett says "hard coal country"...or "community"....)

But I had something else in mind. (bd: OH! Do tell us, Steve!!!)

“I’d rather be in Scranton,” I told the publisher. (bd: NOOO WAAAY!!! Just one question: why were you in California for YEARS, if you'd "rather be in Scranton"? Just wonderin'....)

Three years later, I’ll take the cold, gray chaos of this city where my grandfather moved from Ireland in about 1904, the city that five generations of my father’s side of the family have called home, Colorado or California (bd: Where Steve called "home".) or anywhere else. (bd: Don't trash California, Steve, you thought enough of it and not enough of NEPA to go AWOL for a few years.) I’ll take hard coal country (bd: OOPS!!! Another shot!!! I'm starting to get tipsy...) over anywhere in the world (bd: Except California) . And I’ll face off against anybody who spreads or condones lies to the contrary. (bd: Including Steve Corbett???)

My wife and I bought a big old house in the Hill section that’s loaded with stained-glass and hard wood that shines and sometimes seems to breathe because our home is so alive. (bd: What was your house like in California? Did it breathe, too? Or did it flatline and that's why you moved back to "hard coal country"? I don't have to drink a shot when I say "hard coal country" myself...btw...)

We put down our own deep roots (bd: The roots when he originally lived here weren't that deep...he got new, deeper roots this time...) , built a Zen garden of stillness and committed our lives to making each other and the people with whom we share our city and region as happy and as empowered as possible (bd: Which region: California or NEPA? I'm not clear on this one).

Every day I encourage people to find their own voice, to stand against generations of political corruption and express themselves in the fight to make Northeastern Pennsylvania a stronger, better and more honest community. (bd: I found my voice to stand against radio shills.)

My wife has dedicated herself to working as a community organizer upon whom her co-workers depend to help them in the fight for what is right and true and honest. That’s how neighborhoods grow. That’s how people grow. That’s how life gets better for everybody. (bd: WILK's rightwing lineup of hosts and callers including Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage viciously attacked community organizers for months calling them Communists and Socialists because Obama and ACORN were community organizers.  Why didn't you defend community organizers against these attacks? Because Obama and ACORN were community organizers? It was more important to let the attacks go forward? You left community organizers, including your wife, hang out to dry during these relentless, vicious, non-stop attacks. In fact, ACORN ended up folding because of the hoax pimp video by Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe and you stood by silent while congress made The Defund ACORN ACT based on a hoax video. Some "liberal"!!!)

I’m 58 and wanted to live in Scranton every since I was a little boy (bd: ...except for the part where I wanted to live in California for years.) and my father sat on the edge of my bed after I said my prayers telling me tales about growing up in the Minooka section of Scranton. To Shamus, good old Minooka was the world and remained that way until the day he died.

After all those years, I finally made it. (bd: Made what???) I don’t want to go anywhere else (bd: Except California). I been someplace else (bd: In the SAME column the "grammar king" Steve Corbett cuts down Rube Lomax for grammer, Corbett says: "I BEEN SOMEPLACE"........PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!) and nothing matched what I know and love in this town (bd: Except California) that I’m proud to call home (bd: now that I'm here after abandoning NEPA for years.....he's proud to call NEPA home......again....for the second time......) – this town for which I’m willing to fight and sacrifice and ask for more. (bd: Unless I get a better offer in California)

Still, I worry that some of you might believe what “Rube Lomax” wrote, that you might think I’m using you to get someplace better. (bd: GEE! Why would anyone think that? Maybe because.......YOU DID IT ONCE BEFORE when you left NEPA to get to someplace better???) For me, there is no such place. (bd: OH, COME ON!!! END THE BULLSHIT ALREADY!!!) The best is exactly where I am. (bd: For now...unless I get a better offer somewhere else...did I ever tell you about the time that I got a better offer in California???)

Thanks for listening. (bd: This is print...we're READING it, Steve, not listening to printed words!!!)

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. (bd: WHAT HEART? VIOLINS, PLEASE!!!!!!!)

Steve: Did you sue Times-Shamrock for libel yet? Ya didn't! Didja!!! Hmmmmm...........why not??? It's noteworthy that Corbett's severe "swing to the right" occurred exactly when Hillary lost the primary to Obama and Corbett is "chums" with the Rodhams. Even Republican WILK listeners can attest that Corbett devoted his whole being to pushing Hillary, which probably infuriated them at the time...complete with his "If I were a teenager, I'd be a teenager for Hillary" which he ran for more than a full year after Hillary lost the primary to Obama. I think everyone in NEPA noticed that after Hillary lost, Corbett has devoted all his political attacks to exclusively attacking Democrats beginning with Obama and any Democrat that endorsed Obama. Was Corbett offered something by the Rodhams if Hillary won, and when she lost Corbett went bonkers against the Democrats??? He even did that "Operation Turn Down" thing, where he was urging Democrats to vote against Obama and then he went from being obsessed with pushing Hillary to obsessed with pushing Sarah Palin...who is the exact opposite of Hillary, even according to Hillary. He pushed PUMA's, McCain Democrats, Reagan Democrats (hey, Steve, Reagan was 3 decades ago...if you're a Reagan Democrat for 3 decades, guess what? YOU'RE A REPUBLICAN!!!), anything and everything against Obama, and finally "liberal" Steve Corbett voted for McCain/Palin and has been exclusively attacking Democrats ever since Hillary lost to Obama.

So what's really going on with FAKE liberal Steve Corbett???

Now I have a message for everyone in Northeast Pennsylvania: registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by a wide margin. If you are a liberal or a Democrat, you are a SUCKER if you listen to WILK FOX "news" Jr. which fields a lineup of entirely rightwing hosts. There are no voices from the left on WILK. Until they put on some REAL liberals, not FAKE liberals like Steve Corbett, I urge all registered Democrats and liberals to BAN listening to WILK FOX "news" Jr...or you are a SUCKER!!!

PA Tax Nazis Know Who You Are


Another big anti-gay leader......IS GAY!!!!!!!!

Rentboy escort: I gave `sexual' massages to antigay leader George Rekers. A gay male escort from Miami spoke to CNN about his trip to Europe with an antigay psychologist paid by Florida to testify in defense of the state's gay adoption ban. Read more: Rentboy escort: I gave `sexual' massages to antigay leader George Rekers. A gay male escort from Miami spoke to CNN about his trip to Europe with an antigay psychologist paid by Florida to testify in defense of the state's gay adoption ban.

Second 'Rent Boy' Comes Forward, Claims Sex with Rekers

republicans like sex with barnyard animals

Bill Maher: if you're an anti-gay're definitely gay:

Republican Family Values: Sex With A Mule - Republican anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley admitted to having sex with a mule. Alan Colmes radio show. (bd:'s pronounced HORSE-ly...not "FRAUNK-uhn-schteen"...ever see "Young Frankenstein"???)

Cindy Sheehan: "For Mother's Day this year, I would like to make all mothers understand that sending your child off to die/kill for the Robber Class is not, and never has been "NOBLE." I wish I knew before my oldest child was killed for lies and profit."

If you believe the stock market crash of 1,000 points was due to a type-o...then you probably think Steve Corbett is a liberal...

Gerald Celente: Wall Street Fall, Dow Jones collapse, 2010 global crash

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Over 100 firefighters and 1,000 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation of 9/11.

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